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Covert Tape Recording

One of the issues raised in the Sunday Telegraph today is that of covert tape recording. The recording of Video pictures with CCTV is covered by the Data Protection Act because it records someone's face.

As far as I can tell a Public Authority is prevented from doing a covert tape recording unless it is done in accordance with the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000.

However, as it is entirely reasonable to take notes of a conversation that someone has with another party then I cannot see that the privacy aspects of ECHR constrain recording the same conversation. The situation may be difficult for a situation where someone is "bugged".

I know that Childrens Social Services don't like meetings being recorded. I think, however, that this is wrong and they should be willing to have recordings made. It is much like the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 where tape recordings are used for interviews to ensure there is accuracy of evidence.

I would think that having accuracy of evidence in respect of Child Protection Proceedings would be a step forwards.


moira said…
Secretly taping ss has saved some families.They were able to prove lies in statements and meetings.

I wish I had secretly taped them,then I could prove in the complaint malicious,childish and bullying behaviour.

Due to social services having power to instigate care proceedings,I would think it was absolutely necessary to record them. Similar as you say to the offender who is taped as he is going to end up in court.

Why do criminals have more rights than someone who has asked for help from SS and suddenly find themselves in a nightmare situation.

due to secrecy, social services have been allowed to become a corrupt organisation where lying is now considered perfectly normal if it gets social workers the results they want.A situation that must be righted.
Benedict White said…
John, I thought PACE was 1984?

Actually for a one off recording the Data protection act will not help them.

As it is not yet in court they can't rely on the secrecy of that either.


I have also linked back here from my blog.

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