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Yesterday's exchange in the house

John Hemming (Birmingham, Yardley) (LD): The Government have caused some confusion with the announcement about changes to public service agreement targets. Will the Leader of the House arrange for an oral statement on the issue of adoption targets and whether they are to be cancelled? Roughly between 15 and 20 children are wrongfully adopted every week and it would be useful to clarify the situation before the recess.

Ms Harman: We want to ensure that those children who cannot be with their parents because of the risk of neglect or abuse are properly taken into care. If a permanent placement can be found for such children with a family by way of adoption, we would all agree that that is much better than leaving them in a children’s home or moving them from one foster carer to another. On targets, my right hon. Friend the Chief Secretary is reviewing targets. We want to make sure that we do not have more than are necessary and that they are mutually consistent, but we must not lose sight of the fact that people want the Government and public services to do important things. If a target is able to focus work in that respect, that is what we should do. One example is cutting waiting times for hospital treatment.


moira said…
I can't help feeling that Ms Harman is backtracking now she is the deputy leader.

Like a typical politician,no offence,she has ignored the issue. The question related to children who are wrongly taken not the children that genuinely need a home because of abuse.

I wonder if her feelings on opening up the courts have changed too,now her position in the government has changed.
mark harris said…
I'm so glad MP John Hemming has the guts to speak out about the corruption of the family courts. No other MP of any persuasion seems to have, (possibly because so many of them are Solicitors?) despite all their surgeries being regularly filled by disaffected parents complaining about what has happened to them in these places.

These secret courts also behave in the same dishonest and unlawful manner whether it's care, adoption or just contact disputes between seperating parents.

My own contact dispute lasted 10 years, went to court 133 times, cost the UK taxpayer in excess of £1,000,000 and during this process I was jailed twice for waving to my kids while the mother broke the contact order with impunity. The mothers' boyfriend was found to have abused my kids for years, but these secret court champions chose to ignore it throughout. Only when my three daughters took the law into their own hands was the case completely resolved. Now two of them have lived with me for years while the other comes over whenever she likes.

Without public scrutinty these courts can-and do-let farce, hidden agenda's, personal prejudices and injustice rule the day. Past errors and mistakes always get buried under the veil of secrecy.

One Lord Justice (we had 33 judges in all) even had the gall to call the case 'a very simple contact dispute'.

My eldest daughter & I have now written a book called Family Court Hell, which names and shames what all the court villians did this to us; judges, corrupt child psychiatrists and social workers, CAFCASS officials and many more. One eminent child psychiatrist we had (famed for taking part and giving opinions in adoption/care/abuse cases) even admitted in court-when cornered of course-to being 'very economicial' with the truth in his court reports- still had his fatally flawed opinions followed by the secret courts-with devestating consequences to us all.

We are the only family ever that is legally able to expose what took place in this way. AND WE HAVE! Named, shamed and quoted word for word.

These same people also ply their evil trade in adoption/care cases throughout the UK.

Now Harriet Harman's earlier declaration that family courts 'must' be opened up seem to have evaporated just as quickly as her previous bosses claims that the UK was 45 minutes from weapons of mass destruction....

Just enter a search under 'FAMILY COURT HELL' to read more or access a book, remember, this is the only publication that can and has exposed just what goes on.

Campaigners can use this.

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