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Deaths caused by the smoking ban

I did vote for the Smoking Ban and continue to think it was the right thing to do although we should have also had the option of Smoking Rooms - rather than the silly things that are now happening with outdoor smoking rooms.

However, sadky today we heard of the the first death that can be linked to the smoking ban of someone shot for asking someone else to stop smoking. Similarly I heard today of someone seen driving whilst smoking three cigarettes. Sounds quite dangerous and also linked to the smoking ban.


John Hemming said…
I am not sure why Bob Piper finds this post so irritating.

It is true that some people will die as a result of the smoking ban.

It remains my view that we should have smoking rooms. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity of tabling such an amendment. It may be that the law is changed in the future in this way.

However, I am merely pointing out that the argument in terms of the consequences of the legislation is not uni-directional.
Chris Paul said…
Not particularly the result of a smoking ban that John. If you think it is you need to think again. A result of hotheads, drink and drugs, guns, violence, and any excuse for a shooting basically.

Nothing to do with smoking rooms either. Unless you think a smoking room would have satisfied the psychopath so he wouldn't have bothered to shoot anyone with his gun that he has about him purely as a conversation piece.

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