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Councilrs in the north expecting a bonanza from Bellwin will not be surprised to find out that there is a substantial equivalent to an "insurance excess" before they get any dosh.

Typical government spin.

Sheffield's Threshold is: £1,393,290

In other words they have to pay the first £1.4 Million.

Furthermore it only covers some costs. The "small print" of Bellwin is the following:
The following are examples of expenditure that would normally not qualify under this
a) costs which are normally insurable, whether by the authority or any other party (e.g.
under household insurance policies);
The Department currently takes the Zurich Municipal SELECT policy, that can now be
obtained for costs exceeding £100,000, as its definition of what is normally insurable by
the authority for the purpose of schemes set up under section 155. Authorities should in
particular note that:
- the shoring-up or dismantling of damaged buildings is an insurable cost;
- authorities whose policies may bear less risk than the Zurich Municipal
SELECT Policy would still be bound by its definition of normally insurable risks
as regards qualifying expenditure under a Bellwin scheme: authorities whose
policies include cover for greater risks than the basic SELECT Policy should
exclude from their qualifying expenditure all costs for which they are covered
and will be compensated.
- Damage caused by terrorism remains an insurable cost.
b) Environment Agency levy costs and those costs reportable for FSS purposes relating to
flood defences.
c) loss of income (e.g., from facilities closed as a result of the emergency), as this falls
outside the scope of section 155 of the Local Government and Housing Act 1989;
d) the normal wages and salaries of the authority's regular employees, whether diverted
from their normal work or otherwise, and the standing costs of the authority's plant and
e) longer term works of repair and restoration, such as tree planting and repair or
refurbishment of damaged but not dangerous structures;
f) any element of betterment, e.g. repairs to buildings to a significantly higher standard
than their condition on the day before the incident;
g) expenditure eligible for any other specific grants, e.g. police grant;
any amounts in respect of specific works on flood defence or coast protection which had
already been allocated within budgeted expenditure to these works
h) before the incident occurred (however, subsequent amounts for emergency work
resulting from the incident above the level of any amounts thus allocated would usually
be eligible for assistance);
i) any expenditure on flood defence or coast protection that will be compensated by the
Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs by means of grant or credit
j) any capital expenditure which is of a long term or preventive nature and not therefore
connected with the immediate action to safeguard life or property following an
emergency or disaster (refer to item q at Annex A for further guidance on this).


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