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What do these MPs have in Common?

William Hague, Eddie O'Hara, John Redwood, John Hemming, Chris Huhne, John Hutton, George Osborne, Dominic Grieve, Jeremy Hunt, Sion Simon.

(Also Viscount Eccles, but he is not an MP)

and does it matter?

I knew about some, but not all.


Bob Piper said…
PoliticalHack said…
Apart from Eddie O'Hara, are they all closet Tories?

Or is it just their Magdalen College degrees which sets them apart from other mere mortals?

Not exactly a stellar bunch, though, is it. I wonder if John can buck the trend...

(I'm not holding my breath)
john said…
John Hutton is Labour MP for Barrow and Furness.
Bob Piper said…
Actually, I had had a faint recollection of the creature Huhne, so I looked him up in Wikipedia... and there he is, one of the authorsd of The Orange Book, that John Hemming says he has never heard of. wikipedia describes the Orange Book and its authors intent as: "In the book the group offers free market solutions to several societal issues."

Yes... you've got it... the yellow Tories!!!
john said…
I have not read the Orange Book.

At least two on the list are Labour MPs.
Unity said…
I'm guessing that the 10th is IDS and the common factor is that they've all had any trace of personality surgically removed - although I suppose it could also be Blunkett but only if this is a Kimberley Quinn question.

Nope, its a tedious reference to Magdalen College after all, the only point of interest being that PG Wodehouse made Bertie Wooster and alumni of Magdalen, which seems rather appropriate given that particular list.

And John, personally I would never, ever, admit to having anything in common with John Redwood.

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