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First Advice Bureau

This morning I took the speakers on tour around the Consituency to thank mt constituents. I spent a short time at the Yew Tree using the Radio Mike to talk to my supporters.

At 11am was the first advice bureau. The advice bureau is held at the usual location for Saturday advice bureaux ie 1772 Coventry Road.


Stephen Booth said…

I have heard a number of people questioning if you will be remaining as a councillor, indeed if you can remain so. There seems to be a wide spread belief that one cannot legally be both an MP and a councillor.

Do you have any comments on this?
john said…
Mike Hancock MP for Portsmouth (North or South I am not sure) has been a councillor for over 30 years.

Lots of people don't understand the law or indeed the nature of political office which is more a process of constitutional power mixed with platform. Neither are "jobs" in a traditional sense. I have never taken any money from my role as a City Councillor in any event.
PoliticalHack said…
There is no legal restriction on holding multiple posts. Parties often object though - I believe that the Labour Party expects serving councillors to retire if elected as an MP, although they can be allowed to serve out their term of office. (Mike Hancock is Portsmouth South, BTW)

Ian Paisley is renowned for having had pretty much the complete set. He's been a parish councillor, member of the NI Assembly, MP and MEP all at one go. Not that I'd be prepared to try and stop him - he's renowned for having the largest personal vote in the UK, if not Europe. About the only post he hasn't held is Pope, but I hear he has given up on that one.
john said…
>About the only post he hasn't held is Pope, but I hear he has given up on that one.
:-) :-) :-)
Bob Piper said…
"...he's renowned for having the largest personal vote in the UK."
I don't know what 'personal vote' means, but Paisley's old mate Gerry Adams in West Belfast had a bigger majority and a higher percentage of the vote.
PoliticalHack said…
It referred to his MEP seat, which he gave up a little while ago, and predates the creation of the elected mayor of London
Nick said…
I know Bob Russell remained a councillor for a year or two after he became an MP, but then stood down when his council seat came up for re-election the next time round. Ask him for his opinion when you see him in the House! :)

Congratulations on the victory - we now have at least three bloggin Lib Dem MPs!

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