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With the real John O Shea please stand up (41 bus)

John O Shea is trying to face both ways on the issue of the No 41 bus.

I raised a serious issue about how the 1985 Transport Act is continuing to undermine bus services outside London. I did this at Prime Ministers question time. The Prime Minister is in charge of a government that is responsible for the statutory environment for buses.

On The Stirrer John O Shea says:
"As a matter of fact, I would support re-regulation of the bus system and local control rather like that in London. It makes sense to try and integrate the operation."

On his blog he says:
"And before John Hemming burbles something about the Labour Party not caring, he's wrong. we've been campaigning on this as well."

On the other hand he quotes Conservative Councillor Gareth Crompton:
"You made an absolute tit of yourself at PMQs, provoking howls of derision from all sides.."

John O Shea has to decide whether it is right to raise the issue of how the problems with the regulation of bus services cause the cancellation of services like the No 41 bus or not.

Either I was right to raise the issue with the PM - who has the ability to get the legislation changed - or not.

It is no good Labour saying well ... we don't like the cancellation of the No 41 bus, but you mustn't say anything in parliament about it.

The simple fact is most Labour MPs don't rely on bus services for their transport and were quite happy to deride me for mentioning it. That says a lot.


Jerry said…
Maybe a few responses to John O Shea should read....

Never mind John, there's plenty 'o' Room up stairs, OOOOPs sorry, Tickets Please!!!.

Or maybe he would like the respone I always get, The "NO.41" is "out of service, hang fire in the cold and rain, we are almost positive something will come along soon"

Hey us poor smucks are used to it, so I suppose we will just plod on regardless, Hey I don't even live anywhere remotely close to the "No. 41" but the same thing, identicle in every sense happenes to me on a daily basis, big question is WHY?
PoliticalHack said…
Do many MPs rely on buses for transport? You certainly don't.
john said…
I don't rely on the bus, but I do use the bus.

The point, however, is that I do take seriously the concerns of those people who do rely on the bus.

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