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Shocking behaviour by the Labour Party about the No 41 Bus in Birmingham

At Prime Ministers question time today I raised the issue of cancellation of bus services. I referred to the No 41 bus which was cancelled at the weekend.

Bus services are being cancelled all over the country because we don't have the same system for bus management outside London that exists in London.

I asked the Prime Minister why we could not have the same system (Sector Tendering) outside London that exists in London.

The Labour Party ridiculed the question.

Bus services are very important to people who don't have cars. These are generally people who are less wealthy. I thought the Labour Party were supposed to care about these people, but clearly they don't.

I think the Labour Party as a whole should apologise for their lack of respect for bus travellers.


Jerry said…
John, I found the PM's response to your question very offensive, it was as if local issues don't matter and he didn't care about any of them, as a person who uses public transport on a daily basis it is vital that the transport local and nation serves its purpose which should be passanger led.

Would he give the same response to his own constituents, if a No. 41 Bus issue happened there, I bet he would hold an urgent cabinet meeting asap.

It showed how far out of touch with the general population the PM and Labour party is.

Great Question for a great cause John, isn't that just what MP's are paid and voted into office to do.

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