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Mosquitos in the Paddling Pool

I suppose it has to be global warming. The paddling pool took days to blow up and as far as I know has not actually been used for paddling purposes. Recently, however, there has been a lot of rain which has started filling up the pool.

Various 2-5 year olds were spraying each other with water around it which led me to look in the water which seemed to have mosquito grubs swimming in it (or some other flying insect). Cue "drain the swamp" manoeuvre. Still it is an interesting new issue which does incline one to consider that things are getting warmer.


Stephen Booth said…

could I point you to my recent article on climate change. Whilst this was written for an audience of trade unionists and is not very good (I intend to rewrite it when I have the time and have done some more research), I do feel that the issue is an important one.

The motion referenced was one to UNISON National Delegates Conference which called for support of efforts to reduce pollution and reduce carbon emmissions. The motion was passed by the conference.

I did have the opportunity recently to attend a couple of talks on climate change which went into much more detail than the article. One very worrying thing I heard is that a number of multinational companies have been meeting recently to discuss climate change, not to discuss how to stop or at least slow the changes but rather to work out how to survive and even profit from the changes. For example insurance companies have, apparently, been co-ordinating efforts to remove flood and extreme weather cover from their policies as such events are becoming common and resulting in payouts.

It seems that what we may be looking at is much of northern Europe, Asia and America being frigid beneath an ice sheet (similarly for similar lattitudes in the sothern hemisphere) whilst equatorial regions are parched. The fertile zone is due to be reduced to a narrow band bordered by fire an ice.
Peter said…
It might - but there is likely to be insect larvae in any stagnant water

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