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Sunday's telegraph on George Hibbert

The link is to another mother's story about George Hibbert and comments by one of his erstwhile employees.

This story about the abuse of the hague convention, however, is more of a live issue.


Jake Maverick said…
what kind of an idiot would vacum the stairs whilst holding a child? surely that is extremely dangerous?

dread to think what wd have happened to both victims if the older victim refused to put the other victim in danger like that.....

and unpredictable? you mean she's a human being? surely anyone who goes around claiming he has the ability to predict people's behaviour then meat out punishments when he's wrong...needs to be locked up, surely?
dread to think if u try and reason with one of these people! I do know actually....can still remember soem of it!
& that confidentiality crap again? why does that not apply when it comes to publsihing EVETYBODYS details on the Internet, unless you're famous like John presumably....or telling it to anybody else that asks, poolice, mixed with half truths lies, leave out basic facts.....

even if he is struck off he's till a millionaire out of it. reminds of that school teacher....worked for the state all his life then on retirement admitted he fabricated all his ualificatiosnto get job in the first place! that's caalled fraud and after nearly sixty yeaars off it....i want every penny he's still got left, including the hirt off his back and jailed for the rest of his life....

they're even travelling abroad now to abduct foriegners

make a change from dropping bombs on them i suppose!umed
Jake Maverick said…
oops, didn't read the seccond link until i posted chance of having those 'law breakers' prosecuted then? promotion presumably, that is SOP

and this on top of the taxpayer funded jolly and i bet they maxed out on the booze and fags allowance to
Jake Maverick said…
bloody hell! that was quick! u must be online! and no you don't have to publish that one.....
Jake Maverick said…
is there anybody on the govt payroll ho doesn't lie? torture, rape and murder? have you managed to weedle ll the 'corrupt' i.e. decent one's out yet?
Jake Maverick said…
i know, hearsay and i am generally (aat least like to think) a better man than those employed by the system.....but he is, quite clearly, a danger to otherpeople including children, if not to why the fuck has he not been sectioned already?

and GMC? why are they still denying that the one's that totured me aren't even on the medical reigsiter? go figure...

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