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Snooping proposal - not one I can support

I initially thought the proposal to track everyone's emails for a couple of years was an April Fool. Sadly it appears not to be.

Just because something is technically possible is no reason why government should implement it. I suppose we could insert a microchip in everyone's skull to record where they are and put this in a big database that can be accessed by a warrant.

That may be technically feasible, but is not something I would support. Nor are the reports of the proposals from government.


Jake Maverick said…
they've been doing for a decade at least...RIPA laws?
doesn't require a warrant. perfectly legal for them to break in and install cameras+ 'other devices'/ film your kiddies naked to, no warrant reuired....where u been?

new proposals just to make it easier....

and microchips....they been doing that to, for christ know's how long...thos fillings u get t the dentist? all come with RFID chips as standard now....thought you supposed to be up on technology? they dnt even bother with warraants when breaking into peoples homes and SELLING the trophy footage to tv companies for u not have a TV either? & 60 minute makeover? they're not even freaking g-men.....i dnt believe the crime has been legaalised for them...

you have no right to commit these crimes, i dnt care what colour your haair iss, who your employer or even if your name is Dominic Littledick

jsut because you have thermal nuclear warheads doesn't mean you have to go around nuking everybody.....

suspicious that tetra link suddenly disappeared shortly after posting it here.

and i dnt see becky contributing mch ;-) surely i should get my name in the credits or n expense account or soemthing by now? ;-)
Jake Maverick said…
you DO support t by continuing to accept money fom them, being part of their gang, doing what you are told
Jake Maverick said…
still worse than that, still moving towards further 'legalisin' this crime to (they've been doing to me for 12 years + now)

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