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Snooping proposal - hopefully on its way out

I was one of a number of Lib Dem MPs to publicly oppose the government's suggestions on online snooping. I have linked to a letter in The Independent of which I was one of the signatories.

There is another letter in The Guardian. I don't know why my name doesn't appear in the letter in The Guardian, but to me it is important to record that I have publicly opposed such an extension of state surveillance.

I personally don't mind CCTV in shopping centres. However, the government's proposals were clearly completely wrong.


Jake Maverick said…
your name is there now!

RIPA still there though. still ingerprinting school kids. still dropping bombs on children
still murdering people with immunity
still breaking into poples houses and selling it to companies for entertainment
still cameras recording audio every as well
you still have my dna, fingerprints and probably a chip in still have't accused me of anything!

i have no problem with that in shopping centress, ithout the audio and at a resolution wher lip reaing software is of no use...
people recording my comings and goigsfrom my own home or when i viit my gran is a REAL problem, as wella s cameras in the house....

and this too still obviously going to happen with clegg in full support...
Jake Maverick said…
umm..more emails greyed out before i clicked on them again....long live the ffiffth column is what i say!

anyway, another truthsayer......what ar you doing to him?
Jake Maverick said…
anonymous knobheads at Sky also exempt from proscution now? is it really only the unemployed that thes secret laws apply to now.....?

but regardless, surely all the conictions are safe now????


Jake Maverick said…
anybody ever heard of a DavidBromley/ Bromhall, not his 'slave name'? apparently works for MI5....but people who work for mafia5 aren't supposed to admit they work for mafia5....same with the poolice, and all g-men now as far as i can gather....

trying to trick me into agreeing to be abducted from the country, even though i am banned from leaving the country...all very odd and soemthing definately up!
Jake Maverick said…
thought u might have blocked that one first time around because of the name....

dare you to link to this one though, not even 'legalised' but you're still doin it?

and all those school kiddies, considering that European court ruling couple of years back now.....what have you fitted EVERY SINGLE CHILD up for in order to make that crime legal?
Jake Maverick said…
secret courts...way past time to remove Clegg? clash the coalition?

shame on you clarke

& yet further evidenc into the blatantly're only allowed to base your decisions on whaat we tell you....same with the poxy morons in the civil service povifing 'information' for ministers to make their decisions on....

disgusting ccountry we're surviving in
Jake Maverick said…
don't click it you're epileptic
Jake Maverick said…

& that one made me laugh! pigyobs gonna kick the shit out of themselves now and then prosecute themselves/ lie to themselves for alleging to have threatened to defend themselves? or is it time for some student payback.....?

you wanna solve the defict problem all u need to do is to wire up those cameras to the Internet and make it pay per view!

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