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Forced Adoption in Italy

The link is to the story of Anna Guilia Camparini. At least in Italy these issues can be properly discussed unlike in the UK.


Jake Maverick said…
anybody found an English translation?
Jerry said…
‎"The case of Anna Julia Camparini
November 6, 2011By Luciano Gianazza
A public information campaign on children from their families

Anna Julia Camparini
The Citizens Commission on Human Rights non-profit organization and the Facebook Group " Together for Stella , "with the support of the GESEF (Parents Separated from Children), have announced the launch of a public information campaign on children from their families in which a million leaflets will be printed and organized information tables throughout Italy to inform citizens on the story of Anna Julia and the other thousands of children from their families. The tables will be held in the cities of Padua, Ravenna, Vicenza, Verona, Milan, Florence, Rome, Bologna, Reggio Emilia, Genoa, Trento and Bolzano, but requests are coming from other moms and dads who want to help, such as in Naples and Turin. On the tables you can sign a petition calling for the reform of the juvenile court and social services.

Anna Julia was taken from parents in 2007 although they had a job, a house, they were not criminals, drug addicts or violent, and despite an excellent relationship with his daughter, on the sole basis of a report in which social services judged "dilapidated" their house. After a course of two years the services have changed their minds and asked that Anna Julia came home. But the court did not grant their request and their parents, were totally ignored, as an extreme act of protest, have decided to take her away by the institution (Who has seen? Has long dealt with the story). Then, in desperation, they took her away a second time, were arrested and there has been 7 months in prison for the sake of their daughter. Now it has even been made adoptable based on a psychiatrist's report of "350 pages" where parents and child have never been seen together. The parents' lawyer, Francesco Miraglia the Court of Modena, is appealing but in the meantime the child sees his parents from less than 17 months. To help Anna Julia has even created a facebook group to bring her home that already has more than 11,600 members .

But his is not the only case. Recall for example the cases of parents of Basingstoke where they had taken the children for an obscene drawing made by another child, the parents of Turin deemed too old, the mother of Trent accuditiva considered too, and so on. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. In Italy some 32,000 children were estranged from their parents. In most cases the reason was "incapable and unfit educational methods" or "inability of parents to monitor their children." A parent in front of psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers, may find themselves accused of crimes never committed, based on subjective opinions as opinion proclaimed "doctor" or "scientific".

Because of the spread of these subtractions "superficial", were recently submitted several parliamentary questions from both political parties. We remind the senators Cristiano and Franco De Eccher Cardiello (PDL), Senator Julian Carlino and Senator Stephen Pedica (IDV), Senator Rita Bernardini (radicals), Mr Pier Paolo Zaccai (PDL) and many others. Mr Pier Paolo Zaccai is also organizing a conference to be held in Rome on November 30 which will be presented in 20 cases (one for each region) of malagiustizia child.

In addition to informing the public about daily injustices perpetrated against children and families because of the incompetence of social services from the point of view of the training function, the subjective nature of expert psychiatric opinions that are detrimental to the objective truth and a juvenile court established in the fascist period, which in fact does not respect the constitutional principles of due process and adversarial, the tables will be collected the signatures of our fellow citizens in favor of Bill 2844 to reform the juvenile court and social services.

Scarlett Pannocchi
Jake Maverick said…
Thanks Jerry...

but haappenign evrywhere? prompts bigger question as to's got to be more abt just creating reasons to defraud even more taxpayers' money? what do they want all these children for?
one has to wonder if there was actually something to tht Torchwood: Children of Earth programme....
in all seriousness...with the rumours of thosuands if not ten of thousands of chicldren totally disappearing from the system Europe wide and further afield....and for years....bones should have started to turn up by now surely, considering the numbers? they cdn't have used thermobarricks on all of them....

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