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The imprisonment of Robert Green

This is an issue I have not managed to track down any proper details about. He was campaigning for a proper investigation of the case of Hollie Grieg. I explained to him that the clearly wrong aspects of the case was the persecution of those who were concerned about it.

Hence I am particularly worried that he himself has now been imprisoned. (cf Vicky Haigh).

These are not secret prisoners unlike Prisoner X.

However, it raises wider concerns about the way the system is operating.


Indeed, John: the concerns are, above all, that I was told about one man who was put naked into a glass cage for people laugh at him, while in police custody.

A phone call to the Grampian Police resulted in "can't comment".

'Fairness' and 'justice' have become meaningless.

And besides Vicky Haigh, the imprisonment of the Musas since 28th November, while artificially delaying the trial, is also an issue. For as Litigants in Person, they have the same problems as Maurice Kirk: impossible conditions for advancing their case, combined with a complete rip-off when trying to get money in and out, besides McKenzie Friends not being allowed legal visits to get documents in and out.

Which century do we live in? I plan to compare prison conditions with Berlin, where a class mate of mine is a prison priest.
Anajinn said…
John: you might want to have a word with Henry Bellingham, who has a lot of knowledge about how the court system is being bypassed and abused by authorities. This ties into people being imprisoned falsely. Norman Scarth is currently trying to get a court hearing date changed, and they are pretending not to have received his communication. No doubt he will subsequently be found guilty in absentia - which is the standard trick used and the collusion includes lawyers, judges, court management, police & CPS - nobody seems to care, although we keep telling MPs

The dish has run away with the spoon, I'm afraid. The government is out of control - especially the Home Office. Policing ministers do not intervene in police matters - pretending, as always, that each case is "individual" whereas there are thousands of complainants being ignored by the HOme Office & Ministry of Justice - both pretending it is not a system problem, when it is and they are clearly part of the corruption.
Jake Maverick said…
the other 'classic' is just throwing people into mental court or legal people need to be even involved in that one!

Crazy population in Britain been groing by 40% per year since about 2002, official sstts.......maybe you think the CIA is still going around putting LSD in peoples bread or soemthing?
Jake Maverick said…
death is preferable to being taken alive again
Jake Maverick said…
@ ever thought about recording these 'people' and narrowcasting on the Tinternet? they always recording you....and, apaprently, it's only illegal if you do if they caan prove that they're a non physical entity....

& how ironic....two world wars agaainst the germans and they're the one's who have 'freedom of speech'.....
Jake Maverick said…
Jake Maverick said…
actually, the man was jailed for campaigning to become a member of parliament/ handing out some leaflets...THAT IS THE OFFICIAL STORY from what I can what act of parliament made this illegal and why aren't the rest of you buggers being locked up?
Anajinn said…
I understand that he intended to hand out leaflets, but never actually handed out even one.

It is indeed of public concern that, no matter what the issue, no member of parliament will stand up and speak out against systemic corruption.

I make Mr. Hemming an exception, because he does speak out, but he is only one man, and that's the problem. The rest of them just put their heads down and keep their mouths shut.

“When the parliamentary expenses scandal erupted, many MPs initially couldn't understand why a long-established practice should be so vilified.”

Read more:

John deserves a pat on the back for continuing to speak up for freedom of speech and family court injustice against all the peer pressure he must have to endure to put his head down and "say nowt".
Jake Maverick said…
@ Anajinn

yeah well, they pre-emptive striked me to, repeatedly, still yet to accuse me of anything or admit whther they actually know who they are not...over 12 years now, one prison or another...

I agree to a point....but when did just talking/ bits of paper actually achieve anything? he's the one guy that I might actually still try to speak to...truth is MPs have less power than the average pigyob (unless they're in the cabinet as well)...they rape, torture, steal and murder with impunity...if an MP wants tobreak into someone's home with cameras to make one of their terrorist/ propaganda videos they take the pigyobs with them/ their's not the other way around!
i'll carry on 'inciting people to defend themselves'---my punishment for doign that was for worse than what a Muslim would get for the same thing!
& John's actually quite a wealthy man don't you know....worth far more than his MP's salary....I doubt he even bothers filling out any expenses claims as it would cost him far more in time than he would actually get back....unless he has a tax payer funded minion to do it for him! ;-)
Despite John's censorship on here, what he does choose to publish out of context could actually get me prosecuted/ legally put in jail for makes no sense what they actually that cruise missile strike in '98 then acting all surprised when they reciprocated (whilst helping them, best case scenario)
talking just leads to further reprisals
i know everyone would prefer to believe that continuing to try and 'reason'/ talk to these sickos would actually convince them of the 'errors' of their ways and put themselves in prison....but that is never going to happen! & before that you wd need to build several hundred more prisons and recruit an entirely separate state sanctioned violence squad to enforce it....

war is war and one things for sure, pacifists never win!

just don't talk to me about it, i suspect still under 24/7 surveillance

& joint enterprise is a bitch isn't it?
Jake Maverick said…
and if you're on the campaign list for Robert you will note several MPs mentioned who have, allegedly, 'taken an interest' or soemthing...yet one to speak out publicly...or lift a finger...gone visit...actually taken him some edible food/ clean drinking water....

just think of the expense claims they could put in for going to Scotland? ;-)
Jake Maverick said…
just been reading the blog....and apparently somebody else 'arrested' and imprisoned overnight just for talking about it.....
Jake Maverick said…
just heard Maurice in side again as well......without trial/ remand from what i can gather.....makes me wonder if u have soemthing gaainst that one personally? Norman and Robert get a mention but no Maurice?

i do hpe they aren't force feeding him....
Anajinn said…
John Hemming was not put on this earth for anyone's benefit, including yours. Be thankful that he helps as many people as he does.

Although I sympathise with Maurice's situation, he is an attention-seeking clown.
Jake Maverick said…
i never said he was, if that is what you are trying to imply....
and resorting to name calling now? you rally believe that calling people's names whilst you abusing them somehow justifies it? didn't think u were even on their just doing for free?

childkillers who do it for free are often considered far worse than the one's that kills thousands in exchange or the Queen's shilling....

and same with the Nazis (granted only Sith deal in absolutes) but if you're in the same gang you're in the same gang surely?
you can't be against them and support them at the same time?

i'm sure any victim wd be somewhat grateful for anyone who wd speak up for them...but at the end of the day history may record him as an apologist for the stazi regime....? i'm certainly not expecting him to do the Rambo thing (Part 1) or anything....;-)

but my point remaains, joint nterprise is a bitch an as far as i can gather i've always remaained legal (even when i end up killing one in self defnce)....they don't! victor is a total c***

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