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Fixing the Assessment - BBC Look North

The link is to the BBC's Look North TV programme. I saw the package before I did an additional interview for this programme. What was key in the interview of the ex-Social Worker was that she confirmed that assessments are fixed to achieve the outcome that the Local Authority wants.

This is a key piece of the jigsaw as it demonstrates bias and why the decisions of the Family Courts are unreliable. This argument was made to the Court of Appeal, but they didn't want to know. The law is actually quite clear ... It is the perception of bias that is key for undermining an opinion. In the interview for Look North it was confirmed that actual bias exists (from time to time).

It is important to remember that in making decisions the Family Courts rely on the opinion of the Local Authority and particularly the assessments.

Sam Wichelow has produced a very strong piece of programming here for which he should be congratulated.