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Adoption Statistics and the UN Reference

I have had some of the statistics about adoption from care for some time. I have now loaded them onto my main reference website. The index page is

Most of these statistics (not the Scottish ones) are produced from SSDA903 which is an annual electronic return by local authorities to DfES for each child in care. The figures as to newborn babies have not been released elsewhere.

The index page references these four pages.

  1. Scottish 5 year destination analysis and comparison to England This shows how the figures in Scotland are massively lower than in England (on a percapita basis). They also demonstrate that this lies substantially in the under 5s.
  2. 1995 Source and Destination Stats only available this year This is a particularly interesting analysis for children first taken into care in 1995. DfES statisticians take about 4 days effort to produce each year so I have only managed to get this one report.
  3. First into care This looks at each year's adoptions from care and when the children were first taken into care.
  4. Summary Adoptions This is a summary report of adoption figures looking at trends.

I have also made my reference to the UN available on the net.Submission to UN