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Brown causes road safety problems through means testing

One of the problems we have locally is that the job of a crossing warden is being undermined by means testing.

Although people get paid about £40 per week, after means testing deductions they end up with around a fiver. This has resulted in large numbers of vacancies for crossing wardens in Birmingham - and probably nationally.

I will be chasing up the full figures nationally.


Unity said…

Why not talk to your mates in the Tory Party about that one as well. That kind of means testing's been part of the benefit system since long before the present government took office.
TonyF said…
Why kick up about it now? Why didn't you kick up about it when you were Deputy Leader of the Council? Or, for that matter, before then?
John Hemming said…
Until I was elected as an MP I could not ask a "Written Parliamentary Question". I was aware of the issue previously.

The problem is also getting worse.

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