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TB vaccinations in schools

TB is a nasty disease that can only be transferred by close contact with people. The policy of the health service has been to only offer vaccination to people who have family contacts with areas with high levels of TB. That is because the vaccination itself is not something people would like. I have for some time argued that there is a risk of a disease vector at school and that schools which have a high proportion of children who qualify for the vaccination should offer it to all of the children at that school. The sad death of Alina Sarag (who was at a school which is (just) in my constituency, but who lived outside the constituency) makes it clear that there is a risk of a disease vector at school. That is why we need to consider this particular category. I argued this before she was infected.


I was told the government were no longer offering TB vaccinations on enquiring for my son, Social Services said because he'd not had one, I was incapable of protecting the child
Jake Maverick said…
TB vax was complusary at my school, never given a choice. Too young to know any better...they come with chips as standard nowadays dnt they? all vax are 'compulsary' GBH/ possibly murder?
it's the herd mentality...and at the risk of being the star trek dweeb in the room...

"the needs of the one DO outway the many...."