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Leah McGrath Goodman - Journalist Banned from the UK

This link is to her weblog. The Guardian has also published an article written by Helen Pidd about the issue.

In essence an American journalist has been banned from the Common Travel Area (which includes the UK and Jersey). It appears that the reason is to prevent her investigating Haut de la Garenne and the associated issues.

If this was happening in another country there would be outrage, but the fact that it is happening here doesn't seem to cause any concerns. Odd really.


GeeGee said…
John - this called the (corrupt) Jersey Way! No surprise to those who live here.
Unknown said…
Before it is my tout, I will try to put her in contact with Eileen Fairweather who investigated this subject and I think she wrote a book on it. We need to do something about the press freedom ranking, the UK is not badly placed but do they know things like this, those who do the ranking ?

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