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Statutory Orphans and SSDA903

This judgment (today) shows how depressing the system is in terms of how it looks after children. Children have been made statutory orphans and then just left in that state. In fact the government could if it could be bothered track how many children are in that state through the SSDA903 return, but hasn't been bothered to do so. It is a mistake to think there is anything substantially different in a placement order from a freeing order. Both separate children from their family networks (and often their siblings) without actually ensuring there is an alternative. Anyone who looks objectively at the system has to conclude that it is depressingly bad.


Jerry said…
Depressingly bad? Horrifically awful may still be an understatement. The only explanations I have found:

1. my late husband used to say "whatever the government sets up, it achieves the opposite"

2. you saying "Social Services get involved when they shouldn't and don't get involved when they should"

3. too many people benefitting: ** from being supplied kids for their paedophile activities

** from being paid as foster carers, in foster homes, adoption agencies, legal teams, expert witnesses - a major industry, fuelled by the 'financial economy'

The UK is no 1, not only in terms of indebtedness, but also financial economy vs real economy. See

"Strange" priorities...
Laura Halligan said…
oh gosh.. unbelievably!! I watched that program you did a few years ago and published it on my page at

oh golly its so bad.. especially when you are going through it.. hey hun I am willing to do anything to work with the system and anyone you want me to.. I know you might think this is silly, but I feel I have a lot to offer and have had first hand experiance from all anlgles.

They just choose to inflict hell.. Its the powers of the negative.. the powers of evil working through the system..

but it will only leed to more evil for the country... I believe I am on a mission to help save this planet.. start with this system and law first... please include me in anything you want if it can anyway help the system...

once people understand the rules on how energy works and we create our worlds by what energies we create.. then we can make the right choices and take the right guidence from God.. when you have found God you will never look anywhere else for advice again!!

with lots of love always
from laura halligan

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