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Public Interest Immunity Certificate creates Murky situation

This story in today's times (Paywall) reveals:
An accountant wrongly convicted of a fraud allegedly connected to the bribery of civil servants is demanding to see the secret evidence which saved him from a lengthy prison sentence.
Tom Wilson, 52, says he cannot rebuild his life and career because of a court secrecy order which means he and his lawyers are forbidden to know why he was eventually acquitted. Campaigners say Mr Wilson’s case highlights the use of Public Interest Immunity (PII) certificates, which allow government ministers, prosecutors, police and even private companies to ensure evidence remains secret from those facing trial.

I also wrote in The Times:
Parliament must act now

You would think that a Public Interest Immunity (PII) Certificate would be used to protect national security and keep us safe from terrorism.

It is surprising that the order in Tom Wilson’s case appears to have been used to hide the misbehaviour of civil servants and a contractor. But I have seen many cases where the use of different types of secrecy orders create a cover-up and undermine the rule of law. The Government has even lost track of how many PII certificates are given.

Article 5 of the Bill of Rights (1688) in theory should protect the right of citizens to complain to the authorities about wrongdoing in the same way as the first amendment of the US Constitution. However, this is not happening. Parliament needs to act to establish a formal inquiry looking at individual cases in secret courts and to roll back the levels of judicial secrecy.


Jake Maverick said…
bloody paywall...impossible to comment! but right hand side....not even a joke inquest inquest for Mark Duggan? when you pledged to do away with 'secret inquests'.....well, i dnt suppose many people realised you meant just do with them more promotions to royal protection squad available?
Jake Maverick said…
is there anyway you can find out if one of the PPI things applies to all the evidence of the crimes committed against me? currently being planned? the only way i currently have of finding out even WHO they are is to kill one in self defence....

despite our differences in politics can i rely on you for a character witness at any future kangaroo trial for murder/ diminshed responsibilty thing? ;-)

you've alluded a bit recently to what can euphamistically be termed 'fraudulent psychiatric' reports...but have you ever heard of any case, at any point in the space time continuum where somebody claiming to be a non physical entity AFTER THE FACT was judged to be killed in self defence when they attacked someone?

if i ever stop posting here you'll know why, won't you? sad to say you the only one who might actually notice....
Jake Maverick said…
2nd attempt

nothing to do with parliament....just enforce the existing laws, DPA for one....i'm sure that will actually throw up the evidence to prosecute the perps for the rest!

like all that CCTV footage you got of what you did to me....and the mobile footage....and christ knows what else.....whatever secret files say by people with no names doesn't constitute evidence, of anything (never accused of anything)--- words do mean what words actually do mean!
Jake Maverick said…
regardless of your secret evidence, legal mumbo jumbo hearsay/ bullshit.....a gang off psychopaths in darth avadar masks murdered an unarmed man with machine guns and then lied about it after the fact. another case in a long line of cases. i wish i would be so lucky

and even lying about Cornish pasties now...that's the thing abt compulisve liars, they can't help themselves even whne ther eis no point...what else can you lie about? one has to least the last one was tarined can't really count GB, all he did was nick our gold reserves.....bahamas now probably!

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