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Psychiatrist in family courts story in Daily Mail

What people don't fully recognise is how hard it is to take people to the GMC in relation to Family Court proceedings. Congratulations are due to "Miss A" for her efforts on this case.

Of course there are many other experts who should also face disciplinary proceedings for the evidence given in the secret courts.

I refer people to the song I released in 2008.


Jonathan said…
The story you link to is about a psychiatrist NOT a psychologist.

Psychologists are regulated by the Health Professions Council.
It's not enough to punish the doctor, is it. The children should be returned and the parents should be financially compensated - ASAP!!!...

Jake Maverick said…
@ Jonathon
I don't believe any of them are actually regulated by you have any evidence of this unfounded assertion? it's just about arguing over who and how for how long they can have their noses in the trough for s it not?
Jake Maverick said…
why would you censor the other post on this one but completely publish the presstv one? you make no sense wahtsoever!
Jake Maverick said…
can i have ALL my missing posts back please so i have them for posterity? ;-)
Jake Maverick said…
ummm...guess no chance of an answer to that one then! like all those thousands of hours of video footage....guess i'll never know what happened to that either, although considering it's sstill illegal to destroy it for the next couple of months at least they're probably still jerking off to it to this very day?
Jake Maverick said…
oh come least use the old 'we around ad unscrewed all the hard drives that day, for no particular reason' excuse or soemthing.....

& liberal England? where the smeg is that then? unless you somehow managed to get acces to time travel in which case i recommend you nuke the buizzards quick before it becomes illegal....

why only partial banning here? only freedom of speech hereonly if John agrees withya, even if he not publicly allowed to say so? why censor the ******* ***** ***** *** *** bit? it was same a Sabine said, bu presumably she meant by the state rather than the ********** against eople suing their rapist when they win the lottery then? not quite the lottery, but those that did have had many millions stolen from the tapayer, just in 'wages'.....
Jake Maverick said…
psychiatrist, psychologist, Psycho Anal ist....i say potatoe you pot a TOE!
Jake Maverick said…
was it the comment about criminals being held ciminally liable for the crimes they commit that you have a problemw ith then, rather than the financial (tiny) aspect?printedu smsedin
Jake Maverick said…

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