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'European Commissioner for Human Rights questions legitimacy of European Mental Capacity legislation'

The link is to a comment by the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe in which he says, inter alia, "Persons with intellectual and psycho-social disabilities are today routinely placed under a guardianship regime in several European countries - they are deprived of their “legal capacity”. In the eyes of the law they are seen as non-persons and their decisions have no legal relevance. This policy violates agreed human rights standards."

I have always thought this to some extent in any way.


Jake Maverick said…
couldn't really let that one go by without saying soemthing....but I am getting more than a lil sick of constantly explaining the blatantly obvious to numpties on this planet....

in reality there is NO SUCH THING as a mental illness- humans are complex emotional beings by their very nature....evrybody is different....arguably the only ones with 'something wrong with them' are the one's who go around unilaterally deciding who is and who isn't...they dnt even accuse their victim of anything....just attack and bad mouth people behind their backs....not even pretense of a jury, judge or any 'legal process'...

same page on conscientious objectors to military service....didn't know that/ but just isn't true in practice.....but how is that any different to a 'campaign of civil disobedience'? and presumably not legal to violetly attack pople who do that sort of thing...pre-emptively or otherwise!

another recent article...suspected pigyobs attacked this guy with dogs, sveral dozen of them, heavily armed wearing masks (not the dogs)...didn't say anything, deliberately drove a van into him....never accused him of breaking any law or anything...but apparently they used the fact that he tried to defend himself (no evidence of that either) as 'evidence' of a mental illness...not that he had any chance of defending agains the accusation by the time they got around to accusing...already chemically labotimised several months previous and fried with electrodes to the brain....vegetable, absurd is that?

anybody that does any work, paid or otherwise, for this govt/ gang is just as's the law apparently! not that i'm any kind of naval vessle, obviously.....
Jake Maverick said…
glad u extended the word limit John!
Jake Maverick said…
here's some more idiots who don't have the sense to defend themselves....some people just go around asking for it!

bet there will be plenty there to give them what they obviously want....and this in a place where guns are commonly avilable? i wish i was born irish at least...

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