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Vicky Haigh's case, the Huffington Post and various campaigners

I have written an article about the problems with adversarial family justice on the Huffington Post

My own view is that the adversarial nature of family proceedings have made the whole process much harder to resolve and if any lesson is learnt from this that needs to be learnt.

I have also been criticised for the behaviour of Elizabeth Watson. There are a large number of people in England who are unhappy about the way the legal system operates. She is one of them.

I work with some of these people, but I do not work with others. Elizabeth Watson did contact my office. I advised her to obey the injunction and that her behaviour would be likely to result in her being jailed. I ended up having to ban her from being able to email me. I do not accept any responsibility for her behaviour. The court papers applying to imprison Elizabeth Watson were issued before I raised Vicky Haigh's case in the House of Commons.

I remain of the view that it was wrong for the authorities to attempt to remove Vicky Haigh's daughter at birth and that it was wrong for them to try to imprison her for speaking at the meeting in the House of Commons.


Jimmy said…
Do you remain in contact with Ms. McNeill and what, if any, advice have you given her with regard to her activities?
Jake Maverick said…
What right has this 'Jimmy' to demand such personal information from people? Sounds like a pgyo to me or soem other kind of g-man....they're trained to behave this way, instigating peopel to break the law/ DPA then sell the info to private companis or plaster it all over Tinternet for free...but as John is on the payroll to I gues that makes it friendly fire and thi ******** will undoubtedly be promoted for it.....

all, very very wrong......even if it is considered legal to break the law (???!!!???)
Jake Maverick said…
If a tree falls over in the woods and there isn't a government snctioned film crew to record and then later broadcast the event, did the tree really over?
Does it mean thaat tres do not exist? anywhere in the universe?

It seems to me that when those with the power refuse to even investigate then it stands to reason they won't find any evidence. Never min enough to add up to some sort of 'proof'...
In other cases they jail people for many years on 'government employee' hearsay...unless you manage o tape record whaat really happened, manage to hide the evidence until you can somehow get into Court and then when they **** up and you happen to have an honesst judge....wel then they invoke one of the legalised terrorism actss and jail you for ten years for filimg a non physical entity!
The only advice I give people now is to learn to fight and try and keep your head down until the next riot becomes a revolution (i.e. when they win)and then try to re-balance thos scales....

and muchos impressed to see you working late on a bank holiday weekend!