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Mark and Kerry in Ireland

The link is to today's Daily Mail story about Mark and Kelly in Ireland. I believe that the removal of their baby under an Irish EPO is in fact unlawful (that is advice they have had in Ireland).

It looks like the local Health Board are acting at the instigation of Fife rather than making their own decisions. That is not actually lawful either.


nickteee said…
Please can you do something about this terrible case. This poor couple have lost their baby in very suspicious and somewhat terrifying circumstances. It is Kafka-esque, and more like Communist Europe in the 1980s than what I believe Britain should be like in 2010. Whatever can be done to help them must be done. The authorities must not be allowed to arbitrarily take children away from their families.
Seraphic Spouse said…
John, why is the "Daily Mail" the only UK paper reporting on this? I think this event is a crying shame, but when I try to get some others interested, they just sniff and say "Daily Mail."
john said…
Others are interested.
fedupandmad said…
As Ben was born in the Republic of Ireland, is he not an Irish Citizen? and that being so, surely he has the protection of the Irish Constitution, in that he"has the inalienable right to the society of his parents or parent"
My father fought the Irish Government for more than two years in the fifties having me released from an industrial school; it was the Constitution that clinched it. So yes, I would say the seizure of this infant is illegal and morally indefensible
Thank you for keeping an eye on this dreadful 'case' John. The home education community have been alerted of what is happening and this sort of abuse of power is exactly what you mentioned in the latest APPG on Elective Home Education as your concerns when education and safeguarding become confused. I am so gratefu that there are MP's out there who realsie what damage Social Services can do when thye overstep the mark.- please keep us informed of any developments you know about regarding kerry and Mark. many thanks.
Adam said…
you know the NSPCC covered up child abuse in Ireland for fifty years. Came out last year in Ireland in that fake inquiry into it. They claim to have 'lost' all the evidence.
Government tried to pin the blame on catholics but it was the Irish politicians and officials who used those places as rape camps. Thats why it was allowed to continue. everyone knew about it.
The so called investigation was just to get all the bad news out at once.
I dont think the ISPCC/NSPCC should be allowed to operate in the UK. Think it should be shut down

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