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Free Markets and Energy Supplies (The Weather Again)

The government are now facing the consequences of a total free market in Energy. The difficulty lies in moving from a buyers market to a sellers market. Those people lucky enough to have stocks of fossil fuels make large sums of money through serendipity rather than inventiveness.

I will be waiting to see the Winter Outlook reports before coming to any conclusions as to what might happen this winter. If, however, the weather is as cool compared to normal as it has been in August then we are likely to face supply challenges. However, recent winters have been quite warm so it may not be any difficulty.


Tristan said…
I don't see any free market in energy.
The energy sector is chock full of government intervention and threat of government intervention.

This is not a free market. Its what the Tories might call a free market as part of their co-option of liberal terms, but in no way is it free, its simply a little freer than the previous market in ways which still bias things.

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