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The Queen (on the application of Wheeler) v the PM and For Sec and Speaker Intervening

I was interested in the above judgment which was a judicial review of the failure to have a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. (see link for detailed judgment).

If you are interested in these things it is worth reading the judgment. However, it can be summarised as:
  1. The decision not to have a referendum was made by parliament and cannot be touched by the courts. (which was my original expectation and why I was surprised that permission for JR was given)
  2. The Lisbon Treaty and Constitutional Treaty are different things.
  3. Even if it has been the constitutional treaty the courts cannot prevent the government changing its mind (manifestos are not judiciable).
  4. Anything that requires parliamentary proceedings cannot be touched by the courts.
I cannot see how he has any hope on appeal. I cannot see him even getting permission to appeal.