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Election Results: Thursday 13th December 2007.

Brighton and Hove UA, Regency
Green 749 (41.6; +8.7), Con 397 (22.1; +2.1), Lab 376 (20.9; -0.6), LD Simon Doyle 148 (8.2; -9.1), Ind 130 (7.2; -1.1).
Majority 352. Turnout 23.0%. Green hold. Last fought 2007.

Harrow LBC, Canons
Con 1208 (56.7; -11.1), Lab 389 (18.3; -0.1), LD Anne Diamond 296 (13.9; +0.1), Ind 182 (8.5; +8.5), BNP 56 (2.6; +2.6).
Majority 819. Turnout 24.0%. Con hold. Last fought 2006.

Hounslow LBC, Chiswick Riverside
Con 1207 (61.1; +16.1), Lab 414 (21.0; +3.2), LD Phyllis Ballentyne 250 (12.7; -7.1), Green 103 (5.2; -12.2).
Majority 793. Turnout 24.6%. Con hold. Last fought 2006.

Merthyr Tydfil UA, Treharris
Ind 405 (35.8; -9.9), LD John Pappas 328 (29.0; +29.0), Lab 317 (28.0; -5.1), Ind 81 (7.2; +7.2), [People before Politics (0.0; -21.2 )].
Majority 77. Turnout 24.0%. Ind hold. Last fought 2004.

Reigate and Banstead DC, Earlswood and Whitebushes
Con 421 (37.6; -3.9), LD Steve Oddy 380 (33.9; +4.9), Lab 152 (13.6; -1.9), UKIP 113 (10.1; +1.8), Green 54 (4.8; -0.9).
Majority 41. Turnout not known. Con hold. Last fought 2007.

Southwark LBC, Riverside
LD Anood Al-Samerai 1114 (49.8; +8.6), Lab 691 (30.9; +6.0), Con 260 (11.6; -7.0), Green 122 (5.5; -9.7), UKIP 49 (2.2; +2.2).
Majority 423. Turnout not known. LD hold. Last fought 2006.

Surrey Heath BC, Bagshot
LD Gret Woodason 720 (55.0; +5.2), Con 590 (45.0; -5.2).
Majority 130. Turnout not known. LD hold. Last fought 2007.

Test Valley DC, Cupernam
LD Karen Dunleavey 793 (59.8; +4.1), Con 460 (34.7; -9.6), UKIP 73 (5.5; +5.5).
Majority 333. Turnout 33.5%. LD hold. Last fought 2007.

Windlesham PC, Bagshot
LD Ruth Hutchinson 762 (58.2), Con 548 (41.8).
Majority 214. Turnout not known. LD hold.

Wychavon DC, Lovett and North Claines
Con 837 (71.0; +8.8), LD 342 (29.0; +2.6), [Lab (0.0; -11.4)].
Majority 495. Turnout 27.9%. Con hold. Last fought 2007.

Further result from 6-12-07

Chobham Parish Council
Con 357, Ind 224, No description 53.


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The Labour Party spent most of the last election criticising me for being a successful businessman (aka millionaire). That is business in the private sector employing over 250 people. It is worth looking at the situation for the Labour Candidate now:

For the year 2016-7 Annual Income from Parliament74,962Specifically for her book51,250Other media income etc5,322.82Total declared income131,534.82

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Since that point she has been working on paid Television Programmes and has also written a book. John Hemming has made no secret of the fact that he chairs the board of the company he founded in 1983. This involves one meeting a month. When he was the MP for Yardley he was a full time MP and the Job of being MP for Yardley came first. The Labour candidate has reported 1,274 hours of work other than being an MP in the two years she has been elected and her income in the last year was over £131,000.

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