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Mark and Kerry McDougall

The case of Mark and Kerry McDougall who went to Ireland because she was considered not to have the capacity to marry or look after children is an important case. They have lived with two children in Ireland, but have now returned to Fife. The authorities have suddenly decided to take an interest without any good reason.

This raises serious concerns about the way in which assessments are done in the UK.


Jerry said…
It always was going to happen as soon as they returned, they must have been in Ireland for nearly 3 years now,

Fife will never let the family be, they were defeated once previously so now they will come back twice as hard, it may be harsh what I am saying but sadly from experience its all too common these days
charles S said…
I agree with JERRY, Social Services will never give up and in my experience will use their powers illegally.

2 yrs ago I complained to Cornwall Social Services about the conduct and unprofessionalism of its officers.

However; recently I found out the S.S. reported me, twice, to the police and I was criminally investigated, at the time, using 'Vulnerable Adult' ploy. and recorded on the Crime Information System.

My alleged crime, put forward by S.S. - was "concerns raised as (complaint) was over the top and inappropriate"

The second police investigation was due to, as reported by S.S.,I had "worked my way up the management chain" & S.S. thought "this behaviour was completely out of proportion to issued raised"

Are legitimate complaints which S.S. could not provide answers too; an appropriate reasons to have a complainant criminally investigated by the police?

Or where these 'people' simple using the powers illegally to intimidate a complainant
charles S said…
I agree with Jerry - they will not give up.

2yrs ago I complained about the conduct of Cornwall Social Services officers.

Yesterday, 16 Nov 2013, I found out they had reported me to the police for complaining and had me criminally investigated; resulting in a file being recorded on the Crime information system.

According to the police file because the S.S. had - "concerns (as complaint) wildly over the top and inappropriate" and I had "used the management chain, this behaviour was felt to be out of proportion"

Is using a legitimate complaint procedure now against the law in this cess-pit of a country???

& did Cornwall Social Services use their powers illegally to stifle a complaint?

charles S said…
Jerry I agree with you

2yrs ago I complained to Cornwall Social Services about the professional conduct of its staff.

Yesterday, 16 Nov, I found out I had been reported to police twice and investigated, then place on a crime information system.

My crime - according to police file, my complaint to S. S. was "wildly over the top" & I had "used the management chain & this behaviour was 'felt' to be out of proportion"

Is complaining about a public servants behaviour, in this cess-pit of a country, nor a criminal offence???
John Hemming said…
If you could email me documentary proof of that it would be helpful.
Alison Sauer said…
Kerry and Mark's case gets stranger and more disproportionate!

The current public facts are that Fife attempted an injunction in the last few days to protect the identities of the children (identities that are already known the world over) and told Mark he was not allowed to go out to work as it left Kerry alone with the children (children she has been looking after whilst he is working for the last few years with no concerns whatsoever from Irish Social Services).

So if you have learning difficulties, want to make something of yourself, find a good steady man who wants to marry you and provide for the family and wish to live near your own extended family for support then for goodness sake don't live in Fife!!

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