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Secret Jailing in Birmingham

This case which is a public judgment involves the imprisonment of a woman for taking her father to see a solicitor.

Firstly, people should not be imprisoned in secret. That is a clear contravention of the rules of the court.

On the 12 October 2012 many of the old rules relating to committal were taken out of the rules of the supreme court see this. However, rule 81 was updated and states:
The hearing
(5) If the court hearing an application in private decides to make a committal order against the respondent, it will in public state –
(a) the name of the respondent;
(b) in general terms, the nature of the contempt of court in respect of which the committal order is being made; and
(c) the length of the period of the committal order.

This has not been done.

Secondly, people should not be imprisoned for attempting to get legal advice for someone else.

This is looked at in more detail on The Witchfinder General.
The same judge (HHJ Cardinal) has been part on two separate occasions of trying to stop people talking to me (their MP).


Jake Maverick said…
at the risk of sounding paranoid, this one sounds almost like a honey trap with those initials pointed directly at me...consdiering the worse started for me with Shefifeld City Council (suepcted employess of anyway)

"That’s the attitude of someone who is simply not going to obey court orders."

a decent honourable person then who will do everything she can to protect herself and family?
I 'refused to accept service' also froms ome yob who refyued to identify himself, it was only after the yob through a large binder at me and i looked inside i started to suspect he might be a govt employee...but regardless, they refuse to abide by the occasional order made against them what is the point?
did this judge even speak to the father? sound sto me like he's also being held in prison...I can't believe anybody would willingly be held in one of those places...

I don't buy this one somehow. state employees usual ways of silencing people is just sectioning them, planting drugs on or just murdering also seems highly unusual that you have actually obtained the name of the main perp!
how can you appeal against be sectioned anyway? it's not possible...

this all sounds a lil bit fishy to me....but in other news it seems that a young woman REALLY has been jailed for ten years, for being on the toilet. house burned down and one of her children was injured- cosntitutes neglect apparently! she certainly seems to have disappeared off face of planet...I have no way of finding out.

but at least if you have the perps name and where he/ she lives there'sstill the possibility of a private prsecution...if you have the reources. i can barely afford this rusty old hammer i sleep with...but even i escape the initial assault when they come crashing through the door again my only hoe is to kill myself before being taken alive again, and if u believe the rumours that is illegal to....

and if it is now considered a crime Or at least illegal) to speak to a3solicitor then why aren't all these solicitors being jailed (who advertise) for insitigating soembody to commit a criminal offence? um?

you'l be extraditing people to be tortured next on the basis of talking/ instigating people to defend themselves next...oh, you've already done least what Gary M was alleged to have done was illegal, bit over ten years of that was way OTT, at best....

you almost sounded like u were against this sort of thing there how can you stomach being on the govts payroll?
talking about it never actually achieves anything. you have to do far more than talk to achieve anything in this world...and you're abusinessman to?
Jake Maverick said…
i used to think it was even possible to be sent to a govt prison without a jury being involved or being accused of doing soemthing that is illegal....

what a bizarre notion! was it ever true? seriously question, hoping for an answer?
Jake Maverick said…

much more cost effective away of dealing with these problem people and kinder to your victims...

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