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Charging Council Tax to people on JSA

I explained why Birmingham was wrong to do this in parliament yesterday. The video of my speech is here. The text of the debate is here

There is always a challenge understanding the arguments when different people quote different figures. I will, therefore put up the two arguments about costs. These figures look only at the effect on the city council. That is about 88% of the total council tax bill. The rest goes to Police and Fire.

Labour's figuresMy figures
2012/3 government support88,231,59888,231,598
2013/4 government support(79,494,242)(79,494,242)
Requirement for 1.45% increase in Council Tax 1,292,152 0
Total to find10,911,8238,737,356
From Flexibilities5,437,9776,012,692
Government Grant02,129,441
Final Shortfall5,473,847595,223
The money that can come in from reducing backdating is 792,542 which is more than that required for my approach to the figures.

The policy question is the one highlighted in my speech. Do you tax the poorest in society in order to find funds to support the council tax of the poorest or do you share the burden amongst people. (ie on the general fund).

I made the point in my speech that without any increase in council tax the council should expect an additional £1.4 million, but that the budget for 2013/4 for inflation is also high and could easily stretch to cover the missing support that results from an increase in council tax of 1.45% (much that there is an argument for taking the government money here as well).


Jake Maverick said…
personally i still reckon it would be a good idea to cut taxes and increase money available to spend on things that are actually worthwhile, here's a few suggestion

STOP employing people to steal/ tax from people and then another building full of people to give it back to them, calling it a Tax credit

STOP charging g-men tax and then paying other g-men to steal it back from them and then more g-men to steal/ tax them and so on and so on....

STOP spending millions in middle of a recession rebranding buildings to things that you nicked from pretty decent horror/ fascist/ sci fi movies, like the Dept. of Justice.... (still not sure whether that on ewas a joke or not?)

stop paying people to rape, torture and murder people then selling your victims personal data to private companies that then come around and turn few hundred pounds of damage into tens of thousands...

jail the gulity of crime and free the innocent

move the govt depts out of my estimate you just reduced the cost of 'administration' gravy tain thing by about 97%

stop spending billions on thermal nuclear warheads that only a lunatic will use. we only need a couple at could probably sell the rest to those who dnt have them and create a balance of power for once?

now you're abt 90% out of recession and everything is looking hunky doory if you could only recreate/ create a climate of trust small bsuniessman like myself will get you the retsof the way....which means no more secret rules, spying and the rest...put whatever rules inw riting, sign it and stick by them...remove immunity from it a one page rule....sole trader one page of rules, Ltd, two pages of rules (and i mean A4 in a legible size font, doesn't include any crap like 'on our secret website we can unilaterally vary without bothering to tell you' for example.....these aren't actually the rantings of a lunatic you know, you ARE the lunatics!

and plastic bags, stop talking to whichever moron brought in banning you millions from enforcing it, just tax it, double the tax every year you'll get there quicker AND the minus sign in front of that large number with all the zeros becomes a +

plastics generally...make a law that labels and the tops are to be made of same platic as the main body from now on, it becomes economic to recycle's the clever bit...give british manufacturers couple years extra notice, they absorb the cost structure quicker...corner uk market when come sinto effect, few years later when Europe does the same they'll corner market there as well as they absorbed cost struture a lot quicker...obviously just dnt admit to it, in the same way that shooting somebody repeatedly in the head isn't murder, it's promotion to RP's just COMMON SENSE/ BUSINESS SENSE.

stop torturing/ tagetting the kind of people that could have and would have generated a hell of a lot of wealth for this country....
Jake Maverick said…
& make fresh milk legal again

100 millions saved every year, less road accidnets/ fatalities (dead slaves can't work) from driving all that milk to be cooked.

lower carbon emissions, less taxes to yourselves (?)

NHS would even spend less torturing people, more so over time, as immune systems grow back
Jake Maverick said…
no point when decent folk can't even get access to a bank account....

why would you deliberatey set out to destroy this country economically, morally and every other way you can think of?

you can't actually be this tupid...russian plot? NWO? what is the endgame really on all this...? must be a point to it all....

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