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Saturday, September 29, 2012
  Labour and Tuition Fees
This image: progressivity Looks at the NPV of the tuition payments for graduates in each percentile of income. The assumption is that the government pays the universities a fee of £7,500 for each year of study.

Labour's proposal is for the government to pay no more than £6,000 per year to universities through this scheme.

This will, however, not affect the lower income percentiles and only probably the top four percentiles.
Friday, September 28, 2012
  Slovak Minister talks to William Hague about taken children
This is one of a number of stories relating to the Slovak Government talking to the UK Government about the children.

It seems that they are talking about 89 cases. That could be 89 children or 89 cases (a case can involve more than 1 child).

I am talking to people from a number of other governments, not just the Slovak Republic. There are also the cases which affect English people which, of course, should be treated exactly the same way.

This and This are two more stores in Slovak. This is the same story in Italian.
Monday, September 24, 2012
  French TV programme about forced adoption in UK
This is a French TV programme about forced adoption in England. This is an article about the issue by the TV journalist.
Sunday, September 23, 2012
  Protest in Rome
I understand that there have been two protests in Rome. This more general one about the actions in Italy and also smaller one about the UK that I don't have further details about.
Friday, September 21, 2012
  Some reports from Slovakia (the second one is in English)
Slovak TV on Demonstration
RTI Radio
Thursday, September 20, 2012
  Martin Lewis on Student Finance
This post by Martin Lewis highlights the fact that the student finance system is not like a proper debt.

Comparing it to a mortgage. If you don't pay the mortgage then someone comes round an repossesse your house. You need to pay the mortgage whatever your income is.

For student finance you don't need to pay if you don't earn over £21,000 and bailiffs don't come around and repossess your brain if you don't pay. Instead the government says after 30 years that you don't even have to pay the contribution.

It is not a debt. It is actually a contingent liability.

I have not concentrated on the question of what money the government pays the universities (aka Tuition Fees) I have concentrated on what graduates pay the government (the graduate contribution, but also aka Tuition Fees). According to the IFS for 29% of Students (those with lower earnings) the payments by graduates are less than under the old system. This is the "fairer alternative" that the NUS were calling for.
Wednesday, September 19, 2012
  Yesterday's speech in the House of Commons
Click here for the video of the speech.
  Slovakian Case in court yesterday
This is a report of the Slovakian case in court yesterday.
There are many English grandparents squeezed out of their childrens lives by the obsession with adoption. Hopefully this case will improve the situation for English grandparents.
Tuesday, September 18, 2012
  Protest in Bratislava
protestbratislava This is a picture of the protest in Bratislava outside the British Embassy today. I have edited the photo to keep Surrey County Council happy as they have complained about my blog.
I have asked them what is wrong with my blog and they have not yet told me. It remains, however, that permission to appeal was granted today.
It is important to remember that the law must be the same for all citizens. Hence if Slovak citizens win appeals in the English courts then so should English people.
I was pleased that the family who went to court today are committed to fighting for everyone whatever race, religion or nationality. We met on the House of Commons Terrace.
Sunday, September 16, 2012
  Ted Jeory and Christopher Bookers' articles today
This comment piece by Ted Jeory compares the cover up in Hillsborough to the day to day cover ups in the family courts.

This article by Christopher Booker looks at how a foreign country is concerned about what happens in the English and Welsh Family Courts.

We should really be able to sort these things out on the basis of complaints raised by victims of the system in the UK. However, if it really takes getting a coalition of countries together to demand change in the UK then so be it.

Friday, September 14, 2012
  Leah McGrath Goodman's Interview on Russia Today
Uploaded 11/9/12.
Wednesday, September 12, 2012
  Hillsborough and Cover ups
Sadly the cover-up over Hillsborough is not unique. We have many signs of cover ups that have not yet been dealt with. I shall list some of them.

1. A US journalist has been banned from the UK because she wanted to investigate and report on Haut de la Garenne (see an EDM I tabled yesterday). Link now here
see comments.

2. Babies were made to breathe carbon monoxide at a concentration that is lethal (over time) for adults and the investigation called it an "inert gas".

 3. The general cover ups in the family courts where malpractise by psychologists is ignored and the HPC often refuses to investigate. This has resulted in a foreign country asking for help to deal with a case affecting one of their citizens. None of this is acceptable.

We need to get much better as a country at looking properly at issues and not just trusting the assurances of people in suits that everything is ok and we shouldn't worry.

some more on Leah goodman's case:

Her TV broadcast on Jersey now up on YouTube:
Her post yesterday on Jersey:
Change,org petition,
  Slovak story continues
This is another story in the Slovak Media.
I spoke also to an American Pastor who dealt with one of the Slovak cases. He shares my concern as to what the English state did to the children.
Tuesday, September 11, 2012
  Macfarlane LJ speech on the adoption debate
This is a speech by Andrew Macfarlane in which there are elements with which I agree. (not all of it). These are two other speeches from the same event. Naomi Angell (someone who doesn't know the stats because she talks about a big increase in the numbers of adoptions from care.) and Martin Narey (I haven't watched his video as I expect the usual nonsense that he speaks).
Friday, September 07, 2012
  A spanish and a portuguese adoption case.
Pontes v Portugal
K.A.B. v. Spain 59819/08
Thursday, September 06, 2012
  Adoption of non uk citizens from care - Slovak Republic
The Slovak Republic has recently expressed concern that children in England who are children of Slovak Citizens have been adopted "without relevant reasons".

This page on the Slovak Justice Ministry website gives the official position.

This page on the TV station JOJ gives details of some of their reports about this.

These are other stories in the Slovak media:

Google gives a translation as:
Representative of the Slovak Republic in proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights and director of the Centre international legal protection of children and young people express serious concern over cases adoptions of children living biological parents with no relevant reasons, occurring in the decisions of the English courts and whose bodies are also Slovaks.

This situation is also criticized by the British media, which in this regard point to systemic failures. The reform seeks to famous British politician John Hemming, who is also the chairman of the Justice for families ("Justice for Families Campaign Group") and helping persons who face unwarranted adoption.

MP John Hemming has expressed willingness to help Slovak citizens in a similar situation with the provision of adequate legal representation in proceedings before the English courts. In this regard, it is necessary to contact the director of the Centre international legal protection of children and youth who communicates relevant information. Representative of the Slovak Republic in proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights highlights of Slovak citizens in proceedings before the English courts are at risk of adoption of the decision to turn his statement before the European Court of Human Rights with the application for interim measures under Rule 39 of the Rules of Procedure of the European Court of Human Rights ordering the English authorities not to carry out the decision about adoption. Representative of the Slovak Republic to the European Court of Human Rights is ready to intervene in case of such complaints to the European Court of Human Rights on behalf of our citizens in accordance with Article 36. 1 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, as a third party.
What you have is basically the relevant official in slovakia saying in the first paragraph that they have "serious concern" about the forcible adoption of children "with no relevant reasons".  That basically means that the adoptions are in their view unlawful (or illegal).

This bit: "Representative of the Slovak Republic in proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights highlights of Slovak citizens in proceedings before the English courts are at risk of adoption of the decision to turn his statement before the European Court of Human Rights with the application for interim measures under Rule 39 of the Rules of Procedure of the European Court of Human Rights ordering the English authorities not to carry out the decision about adoption."

Means that the Slovak Representative will ask the European Court of Human Rights to block adoptions.  It has not done this before.  It is like the arguments about the deportation of alleged terrorists.  Normally the court takes 8-10 years and awards a small amount of damages.  What is important about this part is that they are suggesting that the Court should hold back proceedings in England (remember that Cameron is asking for English proceedings to go faster).  Where this is important for UK citizens is that the court would also then old back proceedings for their children.

The rest of the fact that the Slovak Government and Justice for Families are working together you already know.


This is google's translation:
JOJ TV crews are no longer focused on the theme of children taking the British authorities and the people who choose to speak out loud, still growing. We have to see how the same Roma family living in Trnava, which forever lost to two children. Judge for yourself whether they are suitable conditions for raising children.

When we arrived at the place in the pool in the backyard is bathed children. Outside an ordinary house, but at least within the housing suitable for the upbringing of children. This is confirmed by the official report of the Slovak Social Services.

Slovaks good Englishman be

But the reality is different. In English Sheffield closed the parents of four children, to jail, so they want to logically placed in foster care. Their old father, who also worked there, but he called his wife to Slovakia, there has come to cherish the children, and so it did. She took along another granddaughter Elizabeth, which is the carer. But did not last long in the hands of officials ended all children, including little Elizabeth.

"They came and social workers from Trnava kuknúť, that if we have a pure or whether it is all right. They did the best they sent to England, or that they nezebrali account of those Englishmen," said Elizabeth's uncle.

Adopted the two children, three ahead

Thus, two years struggling grandparents on their grandchildren. Little Elizabeth and her cousin meanwhile finished the final adoption. The other three children are still waiting for it. "They do not even know to speak the Romany, or Slovak, purely English," pointed uncle.

"For all of you please come back to us children, and the second mothers, and us, bo horribly us missing our children worry much God every day, I was emotionally devastated , "she concluded with tears in the eyes of Elizabeth's grandmother.
This is not a case we have details on.  It appears that the parents were imprisoned and the children put into foster care.  Their grandmother came across with another grandchild and they took that grandchild as well.   Slovak authorities have done an assessment and come to the conclusion that the children would be OK in Slovakia, but the Sheffield City Council social workers are getting the children adopted (which is what Cameron is asking them to do).

Google's translation:
In the UK, children are taken to Slovak parents
British authorities are on social care for children strictly. It has suffered a number of Slovak families.

BRATISLAVA. The oldest boy is eleven, the youngest girl a little more than a month. Five children from Slovakia living in the UK a week without parents. Those looking for a job. When they failed, they asked for social assistance offices. Their children taken into temporary foster care.

The case drew the attention of TV JOJ, through which it learned about our Center for International Legal Protection of Children and Youth.

Help from Slovakia
"We believe that we will find a way to help children," said center director Andrea Císarová. Find out at what stage the case of families around Humenného.

According to the preliminary information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the older children can meet with parents twice a week. The youngest three.

Renata Goldírová the ministry says that our embassy is trying to make contact with the court. It will examine whether the parents can raise their children. Examine their background (in Slovakia have yet to have a house and five children) and whether children attend school.

Is not an isolated case families from us. Unofficially, about thirty families in the last three years taken their children.

Temporary foster care is the intermediate step before adoption. If the case reaches up there, there is a risk that parents will not see the kids.

Trying to help and our representative before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) Marica Pirošíková. Many options but in confrontation with British authorities has.

Its position is changed only when the parents turn to Strasbourg .

Strasbourg, Council of
In this case, may intervene in their favor. If the European Court found a violation of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, should be eager not only to redress and resolve the situation. The result may be a change in British law or practice, which would prevent the taking of children to parents.

Pirošíková recommended to parents before the British authorities warned the verdicts Strasbourg. He has held that removal of a child from parental care should generally be regarded as a temporary measure.

If there is a risk that a decision on the adoption, so parents should be promptly go to the European court and seek an injunction not to implement this decision to the ECHR verdict.

We found that only štvrťmiliónovom Walsall region, with around 1500 in Slovak and English speaking population, controlled the last three months 87 families. This was confirmed by an official of the regional office of the local. Just last year in this region taken about 500 parents of children. Their nationality was not identified.

"The first contact can trigger a call from neighbors, teachers or entourage. So anyone who suspects they may involve social authorities to the problem, "said an official.
This makes reference to the fact that the European Court can change the practise in England.  We don't have the details of these cases.
They appear to be of a homeless family losing children to adoption.   Some of these are Roma.   The one we are dealing with at the moment is not a Roma family.
It also make reference to the European Court using Article 39 which it hasn't previously in this subject area.



British officials heightened social pressure on families Čonkovcov. While their children are allowed to visit them, but they could not hug, they were forbidden tears, hugging, explain the situation and hope vlievanie. What is strange, however, one of their sons have ceased to remember Slovak friends. English lawyer talks about brainwashing. Moreover Čonkovci become homeless ...

Washed their brains?

Family Čonkovcov fell to a new base. Their five children taken to finally see a second time. But under the strict supervision and under strict conditions. "Miso wept, pulled my hair, it will not go anywhere he wants to be with us," says Veronika contrite mother. This, however, noticed another thing. When the bowl gave a greeting from a good friend from school, even the mention of him.

According to the English lawyer to help such families, it is common practice Social Services. Ide said about brainwashing and preparation for life in a new family. "Often children taken computers, mobile phones, they can not contact their loved ones. shall not write letters, talk about a real family. they are inserted into the head that their past lives are forgotten" says Ian Josephs.

Meeting as the nightmare

The meeting took place while on neutral ground. Locked building, personal inspection, removal of mobile phones. In addition to the family in the room were four social workers and two police officers. When leaving parents and children locked done, go up to 15 minutes for them. "When we whispered something, just listen ... I prefer them stole and ran away."

The Čonkovcov homeless in London

Moreover Čonkovci become homeless. Promised alternative accommodation and get to cause problems to my friends, went to London.

Already on Monday, waiting for other family court hearing. Will be evaluated as they are kept at a meeting with children. But now I have a horror of what the social workers have pulled out. However, what they desire most is to meet with the rest of the family in Slovakia, complete with withdrawn children. Siblings Slovakia addition of its new sibling, who was born in England, has not seen before.

Son of another family already knows Slovak

In addition, we contacted three other families came together for 12 children. One of them lost her son four years ago. "boy enjoyed making. were found to have been tortured, but even so it took us. took and done. yet there," says his father. The four other children, however, the family left.
This refers to another case.   It makes reference to the family being banned from hugging their children in contact sessions, or crying.  It also complains about the Slovak children being brainwashed.

This isn't the case we are dealing with.
Behind all of this is a threat to the international recognition of English court orders.  There is already a European Arrest Warrant for a mother who took her son from Foster care in I think 2007, but maybe 2006 or 8.  She is living in France, but it appears that the French authorities believe that it is wrong to execute the arrest warrant and are on the edge of ignoring it.  I have contact details here.

The Hague Convention depends upon acceptance of common standards of justice.  There has been a recent row between Belgium and England over a child that was taken from Belgium on forged documents which England refuses to return to Belgium.  I do have the contact details for the father for this case.

The ECtHR has tended not to criticise judges, but in this case it is the judicary rather than the politicians that are setting the rules.  The recent judgment from Kirsty Seddon almost went against the UK, but on a majority didn't.  I think the slovak government's concerns have the potential of shifting the balance in strasbourg and making the court more interventionist.  Otherwise the international conventions will fail in a massive row.

I am writing to all of the embassies (the letters are written I need to sign them) to look at the situation with other countries.

There is an element in this that the children are often white and relatively intelligent so it is easier to get them adopted than say teh chidlren of parents with learning difficulties.

There is another issue.  We have in the UK the Human Rights and Equality Commission and the National Council for Civil Liberties.  If the Slovak institutions are worried about the abuse of human rights in the UK (rightly so) why are the Human Rights and NCCL (LIberty) not worried.  Have they simply turned a blind eye to this abuse of the human rights of generally poor people wrongly alleged to have maltreated or neglected their children.

In essence the English and Welsh jurisdiction has devalued families.


Click Here for access to higher resolution versions of the photos The license for use allows use of the photos by media as long as they are attributed.

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