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Hillsborough and Cover ups

Sadly the cover-up over Hillsborough is not unique. We have many signs of cover ups that have not yet been dealt with. I shall list some of them.

1. A US journalist has been banned from the UK because she wanted to investigate and report on Haut de la Garenne (see an EDM I tabled yesterday). Link now here
see comments.

2. Babies were made to breathe carbon monoxide at a concentration that is lethal (over time) for adults and the investigation called it an "inert gas".

 3. The general cover ups in the family courts where malpractise by psychologists is ignored and the HPC often refuses to investigate. This has resulted in a foreign country asking for help to deal with a case affecting one of their citizens. None of this is acceptable.

We need to get much better as a country at looking properly at issues and not just trusting the assurances of people in suits that everything is ok and we shouldn't worry.

some more on Leah goodman's case:

Her TV broadcast on Jersey now up on YouTube:
Her post yesterday on Jersey:
Change,org petition,


Mr. Hemming.

Could you please publish a link to your EDM regarding the banned U.S. Journalist Leah McGrath Goodman?

Could I also ask you and your readers to sign the petition submitted by Jersey politician, Deputy Trevor Pitman, in support of Ms. Goodman, "Democracy" and the freedom of the press?

The petition can be signed HERE
Thank you for writing this. I am sitting here watching Prime Minister's Questions with the same thoughts going through my mind. Absolutely nothing surprises me any more- the tampering of statements by the police, the complicity of the coroner or the manipulation of facts by the Press. I have seen and heard it all before. Jump forward how many years I wonder before we see true justice for families affected what I have always thought of as the worst travesty of justice in my life time.
Here is a posting we did back in July on the Leah McGrath Goodman STORY
Jake Maverick said…
Damnsite more being 'covered up' or just ignored than that, isn't there John...?
not enough space on this webpage for the list....

and 'guys in suits'...despite the blatantly sexist remark ;-) i thought it was more psycopaths in masks, sometimes wearing body armour, heavily armed and no identifying marks 'cept for random letters and numbers soemtimes on their WWI era type helmets?

it won't stop until people are actually identified and prosecuted for their crimes...including everybody who 'followed' the orders and the journalists that reported anonymous hearsay as 'fact'---saying sorry decades after the fact doesn't cover it...whether it was 90 odd murders or manslaughter is for a jury to decide, surely?
it's not a difficult concept, prosecute criminals for what criminals do, which means every pigyob in the country, Boris Johnson and every fracker anyway involved with 60 minute makeover for a sstart....
Jake Maverick said…
probably best to blow my ration on the last one, but i bet you publish this one instead?
Jake Maverick said…
he changed 'guys' to 'people' making my comment look out of place and non sensical.....of course if he did that in court papers he would no doubt get a promotion and another innocent end up in jail.........well, pay rise at least----you have to murder at least one person to be guaranteed of a promotion!

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