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Times Story about Adoption Reversals

The link is to today's story in The Times about adoptions reversing as children get older. There has already been some of this, but with the more aggressive approach to adoption there are many more wrongful adoptions.

The story is behind a paywall. I will extract a few quotes
The two leading adoption charities are deeply concerned about the big increase in online unplanned contact, which flouts guidelines on contacting adopted children and risks seriously disrupting the lives of already troubled young people.

The problem affects children who were taken into care for safeguarding in the 1990s. In the worst cases, children traced by their birth parents suffer a complete breakdown in the relationship with their adoptive family, the charities warn.

Research by the British Association for Adoption and Fostering found that 53 per cent of adopted children have used unofficial means, including Facebook, to trace birth parents. A quarter said that the outcome had been unsettling.

Where I am critical of the article is that it makes no reference to the fact that at times social workers exaggerate the problems in families in order to obtain care orders.

In the end it is likely to be the adopted children that will bring about the pressure for the policy we currently have to change unless it is changed first by parliament.
I made this point a number of years ago and as the cohorts forced through the system since 2000 start becoming of sufficient age to speak out then there will be a greater demand for change (and probably the same apology as was given to the home children).


Jake Maverick said…
firewall???? what does that mean...? seems a bit's either published or it isn't?
just links to the front page as far as i can see....
Jake Maverick said…
oh, i get it now! they want you to pay (AGAIN) for the govt sanctioned propaganda...and folk do tht? even MPs? that is hillarious! thanks for the good wheeze- haven't actually laughed out loud since, y'know.....

but i bet it's not out of your own pocket now is it? i know, taxpayer's money isn't real money no is it.....

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