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Bill of Rights debate yesterday including hyperinjunctions

The link is to Yesterday's bill of rights debates.

There is no sense me copying the whole of the debate here. You can simply click on the link

The issues looked at are:
1. Freedom of speech
2. Super and hyper-injunctions
3. People's right to talk to MPs
4. The lack of accountability of the official solicitor
5. Problems with secret courts

This will give the video.


BillBen said…
Well done, Mr Hemming. Thank you for highlighting the details of the Bill of Rights.
I would suggest that you now publicise in Parliament every unjust Family Court case that you can, knowing those same corrupt Family Courts will be unable to stop you or pursue you for Contempt Of Court.
All the best.
BillBen said…
Please, Mr Hemming, you need to start proceedings for Contempt of Parliament against various judges, the Official Solicitor and even some social workers. Then, maybe, this would concentrate their minds and ensure some justice.
All the best.
Smoking Hot said…
Well done John, people are spreading the issue that you so admirably high-lighted. Keep up the good work.
Dave H said…
Well done for pointing this out.

In the case where the state threatened to take the child into care if the father talked to you, there is an important issue that if there is danger to the child, care proceedings should be commenced regardless of any communications by the father. If the child is not in danger then surely the state is not acting in the best interests of the child by threatening to remove the child to care. As such, action should be taken against those state officials for such threats in the hope that it might make others think twice.
john said…

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