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Secret Prisoners

I mentioned one of the UK's secret prisoners today in the House of Commons. These prisoners are different to those imprisoned through the courts where the Family Court bans the name of the prisoner being revealed.

These are people whose legal capacity to decide where they live is removed from them by the Court of Protection.

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 specifies in detail the circumstances in which someone can be jailed ostensibly to protect them. In these situations the system decides that someone does not have either the capacity to decide where they live or indeed to instruct a solicitor to argue about the issue.

There are two problems with how the system currently works.

The first is the wider one of accountability. Someone is locked up with no right to instruct a solicitor to contest the jailing and the media are banned from talking about it.

Obviously my comments in the House of Commons can be reported, but without that it cannot be talked about on threat of imprisonment.

The second is that the system has its usual unreliable expert system of determining whether people have capacity.

To me the idea that someone can be jailed purely on the basis that a social worker employed by the local council thinks they don't have the capacity to decide where they live is very wrong.

On top of all of this it seems very clear that the Mental Capacity Act is not being followed and furthermore
a) I am not being allowed to talk to the secret prisoner ... and
b) Other parties are being threatened in an attempt to prevent them talking to me.

All very very wrong.


Dear John Hemming,

By your actions, you have shown yourself to be a principled Member of Parliament and you have gained my utmost respect, as there are not many men in Parliament today like you.

I wish you were my MP, and you will see why when you peruse the following, which is self-explanatory: -

Report by Phillip Inman of The Guardian, Jobs & Money, Saturday May 10, 2003:
This man was right all along
“Patrick Cullinane has fought a running battle with the Inland Revenue since the day he was accused of not paying income tax. And the taxman fought dirty - so dirty he lost his home and nearly lost his sanity. Now, a batch of confidential documents reveal fatal weaknesses in the Revenue's case. Phillip Inman reports
Patrick Cullinane's life has been ruined by the Inland Revenue. The government department has bankrupted him, kicked him out of his home, and driven him to a mental breakdown. His brothers and sisters have walked away from him and he has been unable to find work.”,,952455,00.html

Report by Phillip Inman of The Guardian, Financial Section, Monday 25 August 2008
“Evidence put to the high court shows that Cullinane, far from owing tax, was due a rebate.”:

Patrick Cullinane's address in the House of Commons on 23 April 2009
“This is a short video of the corruption at the Inland Revenue; who conspired with High Court 'Judges' and the Police to pervert the course of Justice. Trial by Jury is the ONLY answer to this Government’s Tyranny.”

The video below exposes TWO Police Constables abusing Public Office and breaking the law in unison having shown them evidence of a criminal conspiracy against me; Patrick Cullinane by 13 High Court Gangster ‘Judges’ who ROBBED me of my home and possessions. Watch how these TWO Constables lie through their teeth and tell me that the ROBBERY of my HOME and POSSESSIONS is a CIVIL (sic) matter: -
Patrick Cullinane talks to Police Constables outside the Royal Courts of Injustice, London on 4th October 2010

My present Con MP is dragging his heels in my case, while my former three MPs were worse than useless.

Thanks John for highlighting this poor man’s plight in the House of Commons. You are a star.

God Bless you and your good work, and keep you safe

Yours with gratitude,

Patrick Cullinane.
Colin Peters said…
Dear John Hemming,

As another victim of our corrupt legal and judicial system, your name is familiar to many people like myself and I applaud you for your honesty and integrity and bravery in supporting 'Victims of the System'.

I know that many MPs, including my own, are aware of the injustices suffered by their constituents, and yet, by their silence, condone and support those injustices.

All of this makes the lone stand that you have made all the more admirable and commendable.

Please be aware that you are not completely alone because you have the support of a great many ordinary people such as myself.

Please do not waiver from your path because, unlike so many, you are doing the job that your constituents elected you to do.

People like ourselves need people like you in positions of power.
Unknown said…
Isn't it 'strange' that you should be such an exception in speaking out on behalf of victims of 'the system'?

Isn't it 'strange' that there is a threat of imprisonment for talking about 'secret prisoners'?

And the strangest must be that there are people paid to decide whether someone can decide or not where to live...

Except that the WORST must be that

a) you, an honourable MP, are not allowed to talk to the secret prisoner; by whom, I wonder?

b) other parties are being threatened in an attempt to prevent them talking to you; who is afraid of what, I wonder???

We are supposed to be a 'Big Society'? A parliamentary democracy?

VICTIMS UNITE! - whether MPs, voters or taxpayers...

Anajinn said…
Dear Mr. Hemming

You are a candle in the darkness they call parliament. Thank you for working so very hard to help the people who are caught in a very corrupt system. We are watching to see if any others will stand beside you and be counted.

You are much appreciated.
Dear John Hemming,
Thank God that we have an MP in the House of Commons that is fearless in being prepared to bring real issues that affect victims of Society and the Establishment to the floor of Westminster.
I mirror the words of Patrick Cullinane and Colin Peters.
Pity we do not have an MP wit your guts and determination in South Wales.
The fact that your fellow colleagues at Westminster are fully aware of the injustice and persecution of the people, they, for various reasons choose to ignore it.
To cover up the crimes against the people whom they have an utmost duty to represent makes those MPs just as guilty as the perpetrators themselves. Therefore, could it be said that many of your colleagues that choose to ignore these crimes against the people drawing money from the public purse under false pretences.
Take care my friend!

Yours respectfully,

Meirion Bowen
Linda said…

Thank you for those words in House of Commons, John.

I believe they might have cost me a nasty letter the day after, BUT improved on Friday 5.11.10
Linda said…
As for you being threatened, if many MP's are together supporting you those supporting secret prisoners couldn't win and I don't expect them to win as long as government are determined spirits which I am relying on. It sounds like you haven't been imprisoned anyway, thank goodness, idle threats. Sounds like just one secret prisoner to be free then. Quite a move forward even one.Linda Drew
Nigel Farage said…
Ever since it was the Draft Mental Incapacity Bill (Cm 5859 published by the Dept. for Constitutional Affairs on 27 June 2003) UKIP saw that this legislation (now the Mental Capacity Act 2005) would be used - or misused - in the way Mr Hemming describes; but being only one of an array of startlingly dangerous measures passed by the Blair-government (and which the Con-Lib coalition seems happy to leave in place) it escaped widespread attention and, except for Mr Hemming's sterling attempt to publicise it, continues to do so. It is one of those diabolical laws of the last decade, which - along with the European Communities Act - UKIP would resolutely repeal - Nigel Farage
Neebert said…
Being under the CoP, I can confirm it is like being in prison. The difference is when you are sent to prison you get a release date and it does not cost you money. I have been begging for a review for two years now and only just had one agreed. The 2005 Mental capacity act clearly states reviews should be given when a request is made for one in all but extreme cases. I do not lack mental capacity, I dated a psychologist for eight months last year so I think she would have noticed. On top of this, my deputy did not carry out my instructions with regard to paying off a mortgage and buying a share of a property my mother owned. In the last two years being under the CoP has cost me over £200,000. This is made worse by the fact I should not be under it. The 2005 mental capacity act has been completely ignored in my case and I worry that my case is not isolated. I was part of a BBC Radio 4 program last year and I was shocked to hear of even worse stories. I hope to be released next week (28/1/2011 fri today) but I shall keep fighting for those who can not defend themselves and it is my hope that justice is served against those who have made so many innocent people suffer.

Anthony Neil Barker
Linda said…
In my view John the people who don't want it made public, the people who promote this activity (ie secret imprisoning of people who are not mentally ill) are the reason why you get hassled, but this should not be happening and nobody could or should prevent anyone from speaking to you about it as house of commons covers you with it. but it might make people suffer more? including you? JUST SHOWS THAT GOVT IS NOT THE PROBLEM REGARDING THIS ISSUE, others are. People should be brave enough to speak to you, I WOULD!
Linda said… Just by looking at this mans CV (please review the link) shows he is NOT mentally ill but instead a secret prisoner. Hope he got let out today then!
Anajinn said…

UN treaty bans secret detention
Jake Maverick said…
I'm not sure why I continue to try posting here, probably wnt get published again....are you the new Shami Chakrabarti John?

It's far worse than that anyway, you are barely brushing the tip of the iceberg...

The 'crazy population' in Britain's unofficial prisons have been growing by 30-40% per year these past five years at least, from what I can gather. Govt's own statistics! Maybe the CIA are still going around putting LSD in people's bread, for a bit of a laugh maybe...but do you ever wonder where all the political dissidents in Britain actually are? There must be some, right?
Linda said…

Tue 2nd
16:03Interesting Links for 2-8-2011Collected links from around the webNewsCorp lawyer "did not realise that paying the police was a criminal offence" FFS. (tags: Murdoch NewsCorp Hacking Jon-Chapman) Facebook will destroy your children's brains | @mjrobbins has got this science coverage spot on It's possibly true that Facebook is devouring brains and mental capacity. But not because of these badly reported science studies. (tags: science satire scary journalism) How cool is this? Gorgeous Two-Face costume made/worn by gorgeous girl Had no idea who Two-Face was until I played the Lego Batman game, Jennie 'enlightened' me. She also insists I link to this so she ...

end of blog.

Shared by Linda Drew
Anajinn said…
Jake, activist for justice and transparency in the courts, 86 year old Norman Scarth of Bradford, Yorkshire was thrown in Leeds prison on a six month sentence for recording a court hearing. This happened July 25, 2011. The NHS attached to the prison told me that the demographics of the prison has changed from predominantly 30 year old average age to predominantly senior citizens. Is this Britain's answer to the baby boomer geriatric crisis, I wonder?

Are they bringing back the Workhouses in response to the Southern Cross closures?

Norman is a World War II veteran who was framed up for a six year sentence by West Yorkshire police when he was over seventy years old, and abused in Leeds prison, where they tried to section him to keep him locked away forever. They are alleged to have habitually used experimental pschiatric drugs on inmates.

Sectioning a person is the way that the government and police silence victims of crime and injustice.
VMturbo said…
Dear Mr Hemming. This is a very interesting report. In the town where I live there used to be an old lady (a wealthy old lady allegedly) It is thought that she inherited from her late husband and the husbands side of the family wanted "their" money back! The old ladies driving seemed OK except that she used to over-rev the engine before changing up but compared to the boy racers around here she was as safe as houses. Anyhow someone made trouble and got her driving licence cancelled. This was the first nail in her coffin. The lady was a bit eccentric and would say "Come in and see my little boys." She had amassed about a dozen sound operated automatons (toy dolls) which would dance when she played her electronic organ. OK it was a good laugh but someone used her eccentric behaviour to claim that she was mentally ill. When she was young she had made the mistake of giving her solicitors Enduring Power Of Attorney so that trap was set. She was sectioned, put into a mental hospital and her possessions were sold. She soon died probably of a broken heart. I was on the periphery of this fiasco and I told the doctor, the police and the social worker that they wouldn't be doing this to someone who lived in a council house. All were speechless as they knew I was right. Her valuable bungalow was of course sold and her relatives got the money. It seems that they couldn't wait for her to die of natural causes. Absolutely disgusting but there seems to be a lot of it about.
Anonymous said…
The sad case mentioned above is not isolated. For another such story, please google: "The Abuse of Grandma B"
Anonymous said…
The sad case mentioned above is not isolated. For another such story, please google: "The Abuse of Grandma B"

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