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Attachment Disorders

The linked story in today's Daily Mail is about a boy who has an attachment disorder. No research has been done as to what extent the actions of the local authorities for young babies cause attachment disorders.

It needs to be done.


moira said…
Even social workers are baffled it seems.Post on community care

Attachment disorder- treatment/ therapy?
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In my placement in children's services, almost every young person I see seems to have a diagnosis of attachment disorder, but it seems few get any sort of help for this, other than possibly a few appointments with CAMHS. Many seem to be placed in residential homes, due to it being recognised they cannot cope with family life following frequent foster placement breakdowns. So it follows that, many, or most, of these children are growing into adults with attachment disorders.

What I'm wondering therefore, as I can't find any information or research about this, is if there are any forms of therapy or treatment that are recognised to be successful with these children/ adults?

I've seen research papers that suggest that attachment problems in childhood are often predisposing factors to the development of borderline personality disorder or other mental health problems- but although attachment disorder seems to be a common 'label' for children, I have never really heard it applied to adults before.

Can anyone help, or point me to any useful articles/ books/ other resources that might provide me some answers?

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