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The care debate

The link is to a pair of articles in The Times about whether or not more children should be taken into care.


Jerry said…
Coram should be watched very closely, one of their board of Govenors is no other then Mr Justice Thorpe himself, How can a high court family court Judge be a govenor of one of the biggest Adoption agencies in the UK, Hmmmm I hope that has you thinking. Coram will soon be the Replacement for Cafcass something it has been trying to achieve for over two years now, Coram as you look on Google you will see they have their hands in that many pies it proves that Coram are the fat cats we don't like. Kids don't come into it with Coram, Many London County councils pay Coram millions of pounds a year, only to then syphon off millions of pounds to by back paintings from america Coram already own.
Harrow,harringhey, and tower hamlets (totalling £14 million) to name but a few have all given money to Coram for "family services", Check out this link to a Family Justice council meeting last year there you'll find Paul from Harrow on there, he was one of the Governors of coram last year.

I will have to stop now before I say what I really want to about Coram, it is not in my nature to sware on here but blimey I'm finding it hard not to.

As John knows the system too well and he like me know that there are many countless families like myself who are suffering at the hands of the child protection system, I might loose my children because two reasons 1 of what I do in supporting people and the other because I was PLAYING with my boys one night, failed criminal conviction to boot as well.

Local Authorities do not know when to give in on some of these family cases, they dig themselves so deep that the L.A will use any tactic possible to silence the parents (including threats of Jail) and beat the parents down. when this happens god help the poor parents who have to fight against a system and local authority with a bottomless pit of money, rights to a fair trial yeah pull the other one.

I'll stop now but I could go on about this all night long!
Jerry said…
the missing links
One Day said…
Jerry, I fully know how low they can go in the attempt to take children away from parents. Things are no different in Jersey, but at least in the UK you have the help and backing from a few MP's. Here you feel even more alone and hitting a brick wall, I would love to meet a social worker with common sense without a target number of children to obtain per week. However why are councils being paid bonus for children in care? Surely this leads to over zealous nazi style social workers looking to hit their targets - I mean who would want the truth to get in the way of this. Well if I can ever be of help let me know!

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