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Surreal Government response to Haut de la Garenne

I have encountered a wide range of political responses to things, but yesterday's conference call with Michael Wills MP has to take the biscuit.

Here we have a situation in which a Crown Dependency's police investigation has clearly found evidence of 5 children whose bodies have been disposed of unlawfully and concealed in a childrens home.

We have a large number of witnesses to various forms of child abuse. Although three people have been charged there is a list of 5 people where the prosecution process has been halted. Jersey is a Crown Dependency that gives the Privy Council a power to intervene.

Senator Stuart Syvret, Austin Mitchell MP and I arranged a conference call to discuss this issue with Michael Wills MP (Minister for the Crown Dependencies). Michael Wills' response was to say that he didn't want to explain the government's view unless there was a meeting with all three of us present. He know that Austin was in the USA until September. Austin was quite happy for the meeting to proceed without him.

Obviously the government want to delay saying anything. However, this was a really silly political tactic. All they have done is to refuse to state their position and given specious reasons for this. The Minister also said that we should not comment publicly about it. I am not falling for that one.

We had put the Judicial Review of the Privy Council on hold. During the meeeting I took it off hold by email.


madhavi said…
I am amazed that they can give up on prosecuting these creatures on the claim they can't date the bones(which is in itself not believable), when so what, since there is surely ample dna in the little bones to make a comparison to the dna's of their families of origin. Perhaps they are too lethargic to go through the difficult task of tracing back to the families of origins, through the quagmire of social service stonewalling. Surely it would be possible to do, when we know chldren were reported to have dissappeared. I hate the expression, but to all of that I have to say, duh. And before the excuses comes up, if no living relatives exist, exhume closest. This is, after all, child torture and murder we are talking about. And did I say, child torture and murder perpetrated by social services victims whose mothers were crying for their babies/children, in most instances(if not all). We need Mulder and Scully on this. Thank you Sir. And thank you for all your work on this topmost of issues.
madhavi said…
Sorry, I sent my comment without the required word below and when I backpaged it disappeared in this window. BUt the codeword below must be the one you received with it blank. I hope you got it because I would hate to have to rewrite it! Thanks again.

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