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Tony Blair - a hard act to follow

Tony Blair is an effective salesman and has managed to sell over time a number of rather bad policies. He did, however, make progress in Northern Ireland.

His failure on Iraq is one issue, but also his failure to properly manage the civil service has caused a number of problems. He has presented these things well, but the reality is flawed.


Vigilante said…
It comes to me why Blair is more popular in America than Bush: His French is better than Bush's English.

But what can you say?

Tony Bliar was:
* One of England's most talented politicians.
* One of the U.K.'s worse statesmen.
* The U.S.A.'s greatest Prime Ministers.

If he comes to the USA, Bush will make him War Czar. (no one on this side of the Pond will consider this novel position & Tony Bliar's experience and track record alone proves his qualifications.