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Pregnant Mothers and Stress

The linked article is interesting.

“What is now clear is that high levels of stress in pregnancy can, in some cases, be detrimental to the health of the baby and to remain as stress-free as possible is certainly important. It is vital that pregnant women are given adequate support and reassurance from their family, friends and employers, to ensure they have a happy and healthy pregnancy."

Is something Childrens' Services should take into account. They should remember when causing stress to pregnant women that this affects the baby as well. A midwife in Birmignham told me that if a pregnant woman attends a child protection conference she is normally in tears as a result of the stress - caused by the people who are supposed to protect the child.

"The research is published in the May edition of Clinical Endocrinology. Professor Glover has previously shown a link between stress in pregnancy and the baby’s IQ. The greater the stress felt by the mother, measured by cortisol levels, the lower the IQ. The babies of stressed mothers were also more likely to be anxious and to show signs of attention-deficit disorder. "

This is another important point. We have more ADD these days. Is this caused by there being more stressed mothers?

As with most articles you cannot rely too much on the conclusions and should go back to source materials to check, but it does raise some questions.


moira said…
I agree. The baby got into difficulties within half an hour and had to have an emergency caesarian. I got the most hideous depression that I have never suffered in my life.Terrible physical problems.

I know of other women who are going into labour early. Having contractions when they shouldn't and all sorts of physical problems.

I wonder if SS bullying and harsh intervention is causing miscarriage.AIMS(maternity org) say that women are killing themselves while pregnant due to fear of losing their babies to SS.
openess said…
Stress does have a powerful impact on the developement of our bodies during pregnancy and on our unborn children. I was hospitilized 30 days plus with my seccond child, because i was expieriencing preterm labor contractions, I know it was stress due to the fact that my father was dying, and The father of my baby was not connecting with me, and was cheating on me. It was one of the worst times in my life, and so I learned from that to pray and meditate more and that I should cherish the bond of me and my child more and do my best not to focus on any of the ignorance of others , though it is hard. I took my own advice on my third pregnancy, and things went much smoother, and My third child exhibits alot more happiness than my seccond, and I was not hospitalized. At times I have to admit that I do feel guilty that my seccond didnt have the same expierience, and I often still cry about it and its been 3 years......

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