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Privacy for the Child

This photograph of five children appeared on the front of the Sunday Mercury in Birmingham on Sunday.

Those who defend secrecy in the Family Courts claim it is there to protect the identity of the child. Why then are they pictured on the front page of a newspaper.

The same people who say nothing should be mentioned about the proceedings then claim: "The youngsters, including 14-month-old twins, were taken into care because of worries they were being neglected. "

The article is linked.

Why cannot the other side of the story be told. I recently visited a local charity that supports families with children under 5. I was told that possibly 50% of the problems relate to housing conditions. So we have the funds to pay lawyers and experts hundreds of thousands of pounds to split families up, we have the funds to pay private agencies thousands of pounds to look after the children, we have the funds to pay adoption agencies and the adopting family, but we don't have money to keep the family together in the first instance.

There are many many rubbishy cases in the Family Court that don't stand up for a second. However, there is too much money made by splitting up families so the system continues to do that unnecessarily. We may never now the full story about this family in Coventry. What is clear, however, is that the secrecy in the family courts is all about protecting the system and not about protecting the children.


tfc said…
I was told that the council now consider a family with 4 members and 2 children under 5 to be adequately housed in a 1 bed flat. They say the children can sleep with the parents!!

This person told me that the toddler had no room to toddle and this must be extremely damaging emotionally and physically for the children plus stressful.

It is not fair that families be split when the state dictates that this cramped living is acceptable.

There are so many people coming into this country and there is a crisis in social housing with long waiting lists. The government is not building the housing required for the population explosion happening all over the country.

I doubt social services will help these families.
John Hemming said…
Social Services (now Childrens Services) generally don't help. They start care proceedings instead.
Unknown said…
When Social wreckers stole my children in June 2003, they told the court an array of lies. One concerned me not moving away. I later got a new tenancy out of the area and when I told them I had a new home they got the offer taken off me. This was a calculated move designed to keep me in a postition to adopt my children.
watchdog said…
This is a political issue. There is a housing shortage. The government have recently put up for consultation the Regional Spacial Strategy that identifies we need 1/3rd more housing than at present. People are living longer, children are not able to afford to start families and live in one bed flats in thier late twenties, then 49% of marriages split leaving 2 families instead of one. We are bringing in more european labour because there are the jobs for them. They go into private rented.

The loss of open space and countryside and general increases in density and stress will be sacrificed for the increase in units needed. As well as the use of energy resources to support this growth.

The old solution was tolerance and self control and sacrific by the adult. This was supported by government policies ie tax consessions for the married and social disapproval of divorce and single parenthood, elderly parents living with their children. In addition children where allowed to play outside without the threat of suprious child abuse and asbos and smacking and community intervention with poorly behaved children was acceptable.

We now abdicate respnsibility to the authorities and are frighted to be accountable and so you get what you vote for and support.

ps i grew up in a one bed flat with two stable parents and slept in the living room on a bed settee.

So take your choice.
Cindy said…
It's not the gov. job to provide housing for people who give birth to and keep children they can't afford.

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