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Statistics on Social Housing Builds

This is from Table 241 from DCLG. Social Housing is important. For example families with disabled children cannot get adaptations to private rented property.
Average number of completed properties.

periodprivateregistered social landlordcouncil
1980-1997 (Conservative)159,49521,95324,415
1998-2010 (Labour)161,06824,800487
2011-2013 (Coalition)108,47330,2432,563

On average the coalition built over 5 times the number of council houses compared to Labour and over 5,000 more social houses in total per year.
Year RSL LA Total
1980 21480 88530 110010
1981 19700 68330 88030
1982 13740 40090 53830
1983 16820 39170 55990
1984 17290 37570 54860
1985 13650 30420 44070
1986 13160 25380 38540
1987 13150 21830 34980
1988 13490 21450 34940
1989 14600 19320 33920
1990 17930 17710 35640
1991 20820 11060 31880
1992 26500 5660 32160
1993 35910 3360 39270
1994 36860 2880 39740
1995 38760 3430 42190
1996 32950 1740 34690
1997 28340 1540 29880
1998 24100 1100 25200
1999 23730 330 24060
2000 21990 280 22270
2001 21080 360 21440
2002 18940 250 19190
2003 17620 250 17870
2004 20660 130 20790
2005 23490 230 23720
2006 26000 290 26290
2007 27660 280 27940
2008 32230 630 32860
2009 35050 840 35890
2010 29860 1360 31220
2011 32260 3100 35360
2012 31430 2510 33940
2013 27040 2080 29120


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