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Mother to be deported whilst her child is kept for adoption

This JR judgment (which I have anonymised) is about an American woman:
jrjugdmentanon She was living here and her child was taken into care. Now she is to be deported and her child kept for adoption. An application was made for judicial review which has failed (this documents the failure).
I am surprised that the US government are comfortable about this (if they know).

It also raises a question for her child in the future. When (as is often the case with adopted people) the child asks what happened to her mother he or she will be told that:
a) We took you off her
b) We locked her up preventing her from properly appealing the decisions
c) Then we deported her ... and
d) No you are not allowed to know the reasons for this.

Incidentally at the moment the people trying to help this mother are trying to get other applications made on her behalf, but she needs to sign them. She is in prison (for immigration reasons) and is not being allowed to sign them.


Mike Clarke said…
Truly utterly disgusting..
Unknown said…
John, for examples of U.S. and international forced adoptions of stolen children for provision to Parliament, the following documents them with sources.
Wish you could trade plaves woth one of our Congressmen for a day and give the same 90 mile per hour oratory you bravely and maginificently managed over there (-: Lori Carangelo, Americans For Open Records (AmFOR)
Act Now said…
The British criminal justice system is criminally unjust.

I understand this poor American lady was advised to plead guilty. This has become too common in the UK where the police and the CPS have unlimited resources and Legal Aid defence lawyers only show up at the travesty of a trial.

In the United Kingdom only people with money can hope for a proper defence. But if the Crown can get a restraint order against their hapless victim then only people whose friends have money can hope for a proper defence.

What will happen to this ladies poor child will it be adopted by paedophiles as so often sadly happens?

Stealing babies and children from mothers without the means to protect their children has become an epidemic in the United Kingdom.

As bloggers we get tragic stories every day. Some difficult to piece together because the victim has been so traumatised. We try to publicise injustice and raise awareness.

Thank you for highlighting this story of a mother and her child.
Unknown said…
Since she has been deported under the most appalling of circumstances and conditions, i.e. being made homeless, I put a blog together for her as

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