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Transparency and Truth

I am not sure that there is a category of people that is always truthful.

 It is clear from Hillsborough and the Andrew Mitchell sagas that police don't always tell the truth. Politicians are not always honest, nor are business people, nor are doctors, nor indeed are judges and other lawyers.

That is why transparency is so important because it has two effects:
a) It allows independent people to work out what the truth is.
b) It discourages people from lying because they know that people can discover that they have done so. 

That is why I am concerned about the decision to stop people from listening to independent court recordings. This is a movement away from transparency and accountability.


Sam Smith said…
Hi John,

Please can you link to that case or article that this is about, as I seem to have missed it.

- Sam Smith
Jake Maverick said…
goes totally agansit the grain here....but i still can't beleiev that those anon psychos managed to bully him out of his job....still not been accused of anything either? and he was amemeber of the govt?

WHO really is the govt?

it certainly not the cabinet after all it would seem....

'arrest' is quite clearly just a euphamism now for violence and abduction (been that way since mid 90s as far as i can figure), they dnt even bother to claim to be non physical entities most of the time....even when they do dress up like private security guards from numerous different companies with no identifying marks...

and i was want Boris and Davis 'arrested' for instigating them to commit another criminal well as breaking into homes and attacking people/ terrorist attack and selling the happy slap footage to TV companies as entertainment....
Jake Maverick said…
i can honestly say i never stolen anything, hit anyone or knowingly told a lie in my entire life...i used to be quite proud of that! bloody freak that i am!
no more i say.
Jake Maverick said…
here's some more truth for you
Jake Maverick said…
more truth please....enough of them will be the only thing to create enough change

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