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Updated express story

The express story has been updated to include more than was in the printed story.

It now includes the following comments from the British Association of Social Workers:
Nishra Mansuri, of the British Association of Social Workers, recognised the whistleblower’s comments and said: “It’s a major concern. The cuts are creating so much pressure for social workers that the right decisions are not being taken.

“We’re storing up so many problems, but the odds are against us.”


TotallyConfused said…
May I remind JH that I have an audio tape of a SW in my home statig 'I want to close the file but my manager has said I have to rewrite my report as you sound too good.' So our ownership of books was turned into a negative 'too much educational emphasis- they own too many books'; our diet 'not enough chicken nuggets and burgers so the children could be bullied if their peers knew of their diet'; mother has an IQ of 158 which means she may lack emotional warmth or be overprotective'. etc etc etc.
Jerry said…
John, myself and "Sarah" are becoming increasingly concerned about the media and her case, while we appreciate the media attention and we hope it goes some way to expose all of these types of cased sadly we are frustrated with the lack of factual reporting, over the last two weeks day in day out we spend communicating with Chloe Thomas only to find she had not reported anything we were expecting nor were the facts put to press as we wanted, we are currently having a second look at this now as its not worth us wasting substantial amount of time for the story to be half arsed reported, notwithstanding we are crossing a thin line while we do this
Jake Maverick said…
what does 'factual reporting' ever achieve anyway? a promotion to the royal protection squad (for example)? maybe the queen will give the perps some shillings or a medal or soemthing.....? i mean, 'hello'......
if you're not prepared to descend to their level you have already lost.....statement of fact, not a delusion
larisa said…
give to SS more money? what for? to start more care proceedings?
larisa said…
give to SS more money? what for? to spend them on more care proceedings? whole system is geared up for different goals than child's safety.

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