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Stuart Syvret Jailed

According to Channel TV Stuart Syvret has been jailed for 10 weeks.

Former Senator Stuart Syvret has been jailed for ten weeks and faces heavy fines after being found guilty of breaching data protection laws.

This looks like an attempt to put the frighteners on people critising the failures of the rule of law in Jersey.


Jerry said…
From one of Stuarts Blogs.

"JAILED As Predicted" Only In Corrupt Jersey

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret was jailed in the Magistrates Court today.

Of course, we did not need to have precognition to know this was going to happen as we had predicted it many many months ago. This outcome was never going to be in doubt for two reasons....

1. Our corrupt Government had no choice but to try and destroy Stuart Syvret before he destroys them.

2. Stuart Syvret was never, in a month of years, going to back down one inch and accept a fine.

So, it's off to B-Wing for Stuart, but he embarked on his journey to a round of applause from his loyal supporters, and most definitely, with his head held high and his honour intact.

The prosecution on the other hand appeared quite bewildered. Perhaps the realisation of what they had unlawfully done to the Ex Senator, & Father of the House, had even shamed THEM!

Stuart was resilient to the last and even when warned with imprisonment, he flatly refused any compromise that was afforded him. Magistrate Shaw offered him the redemption of community service, and the prosecutor was heard trying to persuade him to take this option, but NO GO.

Stuart also refused to pay any monetary sum throw at him in the way of fines & costs, which if my memory serves me correctly, was in the region of £10,250.00 at £50.00 per week. This bearing in mind that one day in jail is equivalent to £50 off your sum total, it's looking like being a long ride.

Stuart applied for bail pending appeal but this was also flatly rejected by Magistrate Shaw. Personally, I think she was a bit peeved that the threat of prison had not broken Stuart, but rather, had made him stronger. Stuart also rejected the advice of an Advocate to the new charges he was encumbered with, stating that Jersey Legal Aid did not comply with his mandatory human rights under article 6 of the ECHR. He was further charged with Contempt of Court, and (I think) another related Data Protection Offence. He was also given one week to remove and/or destroy all data concerning Nurse-M.

How in God's name does one achieve such a task from a prison cell??? Incredible Jersey.

To sum matters up, he did just what he has been doing all along, fighting for ALL of the victims of this utterly Vile Regime. I think that some letters of support might bring a smile to his face so I will add the address of the prison in the comments section. I shall leave you with a very appropriate little piece of philosophy that sums the man, and his character up...
Ian Evans said…
That piece of philosophy was....

"Those who value freedom most, must sometimes choose to lose it."

Ian Evans.

An avid supporter of Stuart Syvret.
This man is a hero we need to all stand together and take lawful rebellion against this tyranny the more of us who stand firm and strong together will eventually beat this corrupt Nazi system
Ian Evans said…
"This man is a hero we need to all stand together and take lawful rebellion against this tyranny the more of us who stand firm and strong together will eventually beat this corrupt Nazi system".

NO MAN is a hero, lest in the eyes of the weak. Each man is his own to discover, and his ways of peace shall profit the world with kindness and understanding.

Do not look to the alleged heroes of today, but see yourself as a hero of tomorrow. Only through yourself shall you find freedom, and aspire to the courage to defeat evil....

Or, as they say in Manchester...."pay for nothing, go to court, fcuk em!"

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