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Another job for the International Criminal Court

The attack on the aid convoy to Gaza has to be seen as a job for the international criminal court to investigate as an act of piracy.

It does, however, raise the question as to how it becomes possible to move towards peace in the Middle East without greater intervention from international bodies.

Somehow there needs to be international peace keeping action to keep the sides to the conflict from attacking each other.

At the same time bodies such as the ICC need to get involved in invesigating and prosecuting what are war crimes (that includes bombing the Israelis with rockets - which was some time ago).


James said…
It is greatly to be hoped that Mr Clegg echos your views and echos them in public.
Fran Oborski said…
Well said John.
But now, surely, Barack Obama MUST get off the fence and tell the Israeli Govt exactly how many beans are in the habit of making five!
He is the only leader with the powet to bring them "to heel" and if he fails this time he will lose all moral authority!