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Nick Clegg; Parliamentary Team

Deputy Leader:
Vincent Cable

Chief Whip:
Paul Burstow

Chair of Campaigns and Communications:
Ed Davey

Economy and business
Vincent Cable
Jeremy Browne
John Pugh
Colin Breed

Business and enterprise:
Sarah Teather
Lorely Burt

Home affairs
Chris Huhne
Tom Brake

David Heath
Jenny Willott

Shadow Attorney General:
Lord Thomas
Shadow Solicitor General: David Howarth

International affairs
Ed Davey
Jo Swinson

Nick Harvey
Willie Rennie
Bob Russell

International Development:
Michael Moore

Children, schools and families:
David Laws
Annette Brooke

Norman Lamb
Sandra Gidley
Greg Mulholland

Communities and Local Government:
Julia Goldsworthy
Dan Rogerson
Mark Hunter

Lembit Opik

Work and Pensions:
Danny Alexander
Paul Rowen
John Barrett

Innovation, universities and skills:
Stephen Williams
Evan Harris

Environment, energy, food and rural affairs:
Steve Webb
Martin Horwood
Roger Williams

Norman Baker
John Leech

Tim Farron

Families and Cabinet Office spokesman:
Susan Kramer

Commons leader:
Simon Hughes

Commons deputy leader:
Sir Robert Smith

Culture, Media and Sport:
Don Foster

Scotland and Northern Ireland:
Alistair Carmichael
Alan Reid

Youth and equality:
Lynne Featherstone

Lords leader:
Lord McNally

Roger Williams Wales:
Mark Williams

Lords chief whip:
Lord Shutt

Adrian Sanders (Deputy)
Jenny Willott (Deputy)
Paul Keetch
Dan Rogerson
Paul Rowen
Willie Rennie
Bob Russell
Roger Williams

Parliamentary campaigns chairman:
Willie Rennie

Leader's chief of staff:
Danny Alexander

Leader's PPS:
Mark Hunter

Parliamentary Party chairman:
Lorely Burt

Other appointments:
Sir Menzies Campbell will join the Foreign Affairs Select Committee and
conduct a full review of Britain's future military capability.

Charles Kennedy, as President of the European Movement, will campaign on
European issues and will contribute to major European
debates from the front bench.


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Standards Board and Ken Livingstone

The link is to the case where Ken Livingstone appealed the decision of the Adjudication Panel for England.

The Standards Board and associated Adjudication Panel have done a lot of damage to democracy in the UK. The courts are, however, bringing them into more sanity.

The point about Ken Livingstone's case is that it was high profile and he also could afford to appeal. The Standard Board has a problem in that those subject to its enquiries face substantial costs that they cannot claim back.

This is an issue that needs further work.

In essence the Judge found that what he said brought him into disrepute, but not the office of Mayor. We do need the machinery of the SBE and APE to concentrate on things that matter rather than people being rude to each other.

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I have recently spent a few hours dealing with the problem that arises when .dbx files get corrupted during compacting.

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Many people will know that my family and I have been subject to a campaign of false allegations by Esther Baker for the past 4 1/2 years. Yesterday there was a court judgment Baker v Hemming [2019] EWHC 2950 (QB) which formally confirmed that the allegations were false. Esther Baker, who had brought a libel claim against me, dropped her defence of Truth to my counter-claim and was taken by the judge as no longer trying to prove her allegations. Due to Baker's various breaches of court rules and orders, she has been barred from further repeating her allegations even in the court proceedings. Further claim of mine in libel against Baker are ongoing. There is a good summary in the Daily Mail here.

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