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Election Results: Thursday 27th September 2007. (Reading the runes)

Cheshire CC, Gowy
Con 1863 (50.4; +2.1), LD Andrew Garman 1419 (38.4; +5.7), Lab 307 (8.3;
-10.8), UKIP 107 (2.9; +2.9).
Majority 444. Turnout not known. Con hold. Last fought 2005.

Chester-le-Street DC, Chester Central
Lab 324 (59.4; -11.1), Con 89 (16.3; -13.2), LD Sean Kilkenny 81 (14.9;
+14.9), BNP 51 (9.4; +9.4).
Majority 235. Turnout 25.7%. Lab hold. Last fought 2007.

Dover DC, Aylesham
Lab 661 (79.7; +11.4), Con 108 (13.0; -12.6), Ind 59 (7.1; +0.9), Ind 1
(0.1; +0.1).
Majority 553. Turnout 23.7%. Lab hold. Last fought 2007.

Dover DC, Maxton, Elms Vale and Priory
Labour 365 (33.7; -3.3), LD John Mackie 274 (25.3; +6.1), Con 252 (23.3;
-8.2), Ind 70 (6.5; -5.8), UKIP 65 (6.0; +6.0), Ind 56 (5.2; +5.2).
Majority 91. Turnout 20.2%. Lab hold. Last fought 2007.

Kent CC, Dover Town
Lab 1860 (44.5; -5.8), Con 1348 (32.2; +4.1), LD Dean Stiles 420 (10.0;
-11.6), Ind 300 (7.2; +7.2), UKIP 256 (6.1; +6.1).
Majority 512. Turnout 19.5%. Lab hold. Last fought 2005.

Mansfield DC, Lindhurst
Lab 339 (35.6; +13.8), Mansfield Independent Forum 302 (31.7; +0.7), LD
Marc Hollingworth 215 (22.6; +22.6), Con 61 (6.4; -8.4), Green 35 (3.7;
-3.8), [Ind (0.0; -24.9)].
Majority 37. Turnout 27.1%. Lab gain from Ind. Last fought 2007.

Northamptonshire CC, Lloyds
Lab 1093 (53.5; -8.7), Con 375 (18.3; -2.7), LD 311 (15.2; -1.6), BNP 265
(13.0; +13.0).
Majority 718. Turnout 30.7%. Lab hold. Last fought 2005.

Portsmouth UA, Nelson
Lab 791 (35.0; +3.2), Con 682 (30.2; +3.3), LD Alex Naylor 548 (24.2;
-2.9), UKIP 90 (4.0; +4.0), Green 78 (3.5; -2.9), English Democrats 71 (3.1;
Majority 109. Turnout 22.4%. Lab hold. Last fought 2007.

Sunderland MBC, Washington East
Con 1196 (49.9; +9.8), Lab 994 (41.5; +2.2), LD 206 (8.6; -5.6), [BNP (0.0;
Majority 202. Turnout 27.6%. Con gain from Lab. Last fought 2007

What Gordon Brown should read into this is unclear. I don't see a major swing towards Labour.


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